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Spice up your backyard and up your grilling game with Grill Dome Kamado. It’s called the Trinity of Grilling because of the way it handles Heat, Smoke, and Spice.

  • Heat – Cook anywhere from 200F to 750F plus. Smoke, bake, grill, sear all on one grill!
  • Smoke – Smoke meats to perfection and pair with different wood types such as Apple, Alder, Hickory, Mesquite, Pecan, and many more!
  • Spice – Cook like a pro and put the flavor back into your food and spice it up!

Time Tested Kamado Design

Round shape gives best heat distribution, unlike rectangular grills create hot spots! The kamado design has been used for over 3000 years!

Rust Free

Ceramics don’t rust! With all 304 SS hardware makes this grill is designed to be rust free!


Cook anything in the Grill Dome and rediscover true flavor! Smoke, bake, bbq, sear, roast, and more!

Complete Heat Control

Having the ability to control heat is key difference between burning a great piece of meat versus cooking it to perfection evenly. Without the ability to control heat, grills can be unpredictable and cooks can vary each time.

Ceramics are much less conductive than metals and therefore hold heat better, and kamados can maintain temperature better because of their mass. Flavor is much about chemical reactions that occur during the cooking process and ceramics can also do a great job of holding flavor in and developing it further. Proper seals between the lid and base of the kamado and the top damper are imperative to create a more dependable cooking environment. The Grill Dome is designed with these key points in mind.

Controlling the fire is simple in the kamado. A 2 damper design controls airflow through the cooker. The draft created allows you to quickly achieve high temperatures to sear and also allows you to control to low temperatures for smoking. The draft is created when the top damper (1) and the bottom damper (2) are both open. Air comes in from the bottom damper (2) to fuel fire and top damper (1) allows for an exhaust. To reduce the heat, simply choke the fire by close the bottom damper (2), or to ignite more charcoal open up the bottom damper to desired level.

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