Family Fun Time … In the Hot Tub!

When cooler weather hits, the never-ending days of kids being cooped up in the house can frazzle the nerves of even the most patient of parents. Having some optional hot tub activities ready for those evenings and weekends of cabin fever will not only leave your children with incredible family memories to last a lifetime—you might even win one fantastic Parent-of-the-Year Award! It’s so easy and fun to entertain children in your hot tub, and fit these fun activities into your family’s busy schedule.

See how these ideas can enhance your family fun, as well as your relationship with your little (and not so little) loves.

Hot tub entertainment does not have to break the bank. All kids really want from their parents is their time and their undivided attention. One of the best places to make both time and attention focused and intentional is in the luxurious warmth of your hot tub. Try some of these fantastic ideas this year:

1)      Simon Says: Spa Edition: Everyone knows that Simon Says is king of all playground games. It’s so easy to move this fun game into your hot tub. With just a few ground rules (no running, jumping, or other safety issues) you can have tons of fun making your family members act like a monkey, stand on one leg, or walk like an Egyptian. Kids are little idea factories! You never know what Simon will tell you to do next!

2)      Waterproof Card Games: Most kids absolutely love card games. Now you can enjoy waterproof card games like UNO Splash on a floating table or spa shelf! Your kids will be happy and engaged as they try to beat you round after round. Add some exciting spa “house rules,” like changing seats when a Reverse card is played or enforcing a slow-motion-dance-move Chinese fire drill around the hot tub if you play a Wild card. With spa rules, the options are endless (and hilarious) as you build your family game culture!

3)      Miss Mary Mack Splash: Hand clap games are the ultimate in splashtastic hot tub fun. Pick a partner in a spa seat close to you. Choose a hand clap game like Miss Mary Mack (video examples on YouTube) and see how well you can keep time with your partner. Every time you are supposed to slap you knees, discover who can make the bigger splash on the surface of the water! You’ll have a rip-roarin’ time singing and laughing as you try to keep the rhythm.

4)      Beach Ball Battle: Those mini beach balls will come in handy for Beach Ball Battle! Contestants start on one end of the spa with a mini beach ball and straw. When someone shouts “Go!” each player will try to blow air through their straw to move their beach ball to the opposite wall. Some zany, breathless fun awaits and the first person to get their ball to the far wall wins!

Winter is a fantastic opportunity to spend some extra quality time with the ones you love. From mini-me’s to teenage giants, your precious children are truly kids at heart. When you invest in the life of a child, each one of you will tuck a treasured memory in your heart and mind of the times you’ve spent together. And time spent with each other is always time well spent.

Do you need a hot tub to go along with these amazing games? Coleman Backyards has just the spa to fit your budget … and your entire family! Come in and see what spa options and features are right for you. With financing available, the experts at Coleman will quickly get you on your way to your most favorite family time—hot tub game days!


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