Best Gift for Mom: A Hot Tub

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and you want to get Mom a gift that tops them all. We have a brilliant idea for you – Mom deserves a hot tub! We’ll tell you why!

Sleep is a Precious Commodity

From the very first moment she became a mom, she stopped sleeping well – waking at the slightest sound, worrying about her children’s present and future. And it’s like this for years, even after the kids leave the home. Not to mention late nights caring for them, or working from home after everyone goes to bed, or getting up early to clean house. Mom is tired – always tired.

With a hot tub, she’ll be able to sleep more soundly. The heat of a hot tub raises the body temperature which, as you exit, decreases rapidly to compensate. Since our body temperature naturally decreases when we sleep, this effect caused by hot tub use prepares the body for rest. So using the hot tub right before bed is an excellent idea for her.

Mom Works Hard – Super Hard

If she’s a stay-at-home-mom, then she works more jobs than you can count: daycare coordinator, chauffer, cook, waitress, maid, teacher, supplies manager and corrections officer, to say the least – and that’s not even if she has some sort of freelance gig. Or add a full-time job to that if she works outside the home as well. She puts in long hours every single day, never truly getting a day off.

While she can’t take a vacation from it all as often as she’d like, you can give her a respite from constantly being “on” by getting her a hot tub. Even a short 15-20 minute soak each day will help her to reset her over-stimulated and overworked mind, body and soul.

There Aren’t Enough Hours in the Day

It’s so hard to find moments to spend quality time together in the hustle and bustle of the busy lives we lead. A hot tub will help motivate her to slow down and take things in – savor the moment. Maybe a date night in the hot tub under the stars after the kids go to bed. Or she can invite some girlfriends over for gabbing and wine in the hot tub. Or even enjoying the hot tub together as a family on occasion.

If you’re not sure which hot tub model that we carry will suit her best, she’ll be just as surprised and happy about your showing of appreciation if you bring her into the Coleman Backyards showroom and let her choose the exact features she wants. And trust us when we say, Mom will be ecstatic at your gift. And you’ll be happy knowing how much she deserves it.


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