Are Strong Spas Energy Efficient?

Are Strong Spas Energy Efficient?

Ready to step into the soothing waters of your Strong Spas® Hot Tub? You will enjoy full-body relaxation and enjoy many amazing hydrotherapy benefits. But before you take a dip in your hot tub, you may wonder about the energy use and electrical expenses it accrues. Are Strong Spas energy efficient? Yes, they are! Strong Spas are one of the industry leaders in energy efficiency and continually works to use the latest technology to build an energy-efficient hot tub. At Texas Hot Tub Company, we are proud to carry Strong Spas and provide our customers with an excellent energy-efficient hot tub option. Here are some of the exceptional features of Strong Spas that make them energy efficient. 

The Dura-Last Cabinet Is an Excellent Energy Efficient Feature

Strong Spas Hot Tubs are known for their exceptional and unique innovation. This includes the Energy-Lok® insulation system that uniquely binds the Dura-Last® Cabinets together for thermal efficiency. The Dura-Last Cabinets also have double-walled construction making them all the more extra energy efficient. In fact, Strong Spas Hot Tubs have passed the extensive California Energy Commission (CEC) Efficiency Test proving just how energy efficient they truly are. 

Dura-Shield Hardcover for an Energy Efficient Hot Tub

Strong Spas Hot Tubs come equipped with one of the strongest and most protective spa covers available. Not only is the Dura-Shield® Hardcover tough, holding up to 1,000 pounds at a time, but also gives you peace of mind that no child or animals could get into your hot tub unexpectedly. In addition to those perks, the Dura-Shield Hardcover is fully insulated with closed-cell foam. This exceptional insulation keeps the cold out and the warmth in to prevent unnecessary energy use to keep the water heated. 

The Energy Efficient Dura-Base Insulated Base 

Though you may not realize it, the base of your hot tub is a prime location for heat to escape causing energy use to increase greatly. This is what makes Strong Spas Dura-Base® Insulated Base so useful and effective. Not only is the Dura-Base 10 times thicker than most other spa bases, but it also uses recycled air to create a thermal barrier. This prevents any heat from leaving through the base and makes Strong Spas all the more energy efficient. 

Strong Spas User-Friendly Control Panel Encourages Energy Efficient Practices 

Strongs Spas Hot Tubs come equipped with a fully digital, easy-to-use control panel. With the push of a button, you can quickly and easily control the temperature, lights, and jets in your hot tub. Having a control panel this easy to use allows you to make frequent and effective adjustments to save energy. Even small temperature adjustments can make your Strong Spas Hot Tub more energy efficient. 

It’s easy to see why so many people choose and love their Strong Spas Hot Tubs. Strongs Spas are known for their high-quality construction, lifetime warranty, exceptional industry reputation, and excellent energy-efficient features — well worth the investment. Energy efficiency is an important consideration as it ultimately means savings for you! To learn more about Strong Spas and their energy-efficient features, contact our team at Texas Hot Tub Company. Give us a call today or stop by one of our five locations. 


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