A Sauna? In Texas? Yes! A Sauna in Texas.

It’s hotter than a sauna in here.

How many times have you heard that really original comparison from someone griping about the heat in Texas?

It’s true, Texas heat is no joke.

For most months of the year, Texas weather is either hot and dry or hot and wet. So why on Earth would anyone living in the greatest country in America put a sauna in their home?

Escaping the brutal outdoor Texas heat just to come inside and lock yourself in a steaming hot room? It doesn’t make any sense… Or does it?

If saunas don’t make sense in Texas, then refrigerators don’t make sense in Minnesota. Saunas make perfect sense in Texas, which is why so many Texans use them, love them and can’t live without them.

There is not a place on Earth that couldn’t benefit from the nourishing effects of a sauna. No matter where they are, saunas boost your immune system, relieve stress and provide deep relaxation. Saunas have been associated with a better, deeper night’s sleep and improved energy during the day.

Saunas burn calories and stimulate the skin. They give your body the benefits of deep heat without the harmful effects of UV rays. For centuries, saunas have been known for their ability to detoxify and rejuvenate the body. As the body heats up, blood vessels open, circulation improves and the harmful stuff you absorbed during the day makes its way out.

Although you buy them for what they do, you love them for how they look. Whether they’re infrared or traditional, and no matter the selection of wood, saunas are linear, natural and beautiful.

Soothe your aching muscles. Give your throbbing joints some relief. Help your body expel the poisons it was bombarded with during the day.

These are things we should all strive for — even in Texas.



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