4 Things to do For Your Swim Spa in Fall

Swim Spa in Fall

Ahh … your swim spa. It takes care of you and keeps you going all year round. Whether you use it for exercise, relaxation, or both, there is just nothing better. Of course, using your swim spa all year round means it needs special care each season. Try these 4 things to do for your swim spa in fall.

Replace Your Swim Spa Cover

Fall is a great time to replace your swim spa cover, or at least check to see if it needs to be replaced. As the cooler weather approaches, your swim spa’s heater is going to be working a little harder to keep your swim spa warm. And if your cover isn’t in good shape, it’s going to have to work even harder. Look for these things on your swim spa cover:

  • rips 
  • tears 
  • sagging 
  • anything about to become a rip or tear

All of these are signs that your swim spa cover is not in good shape and needs to be replaced. It’s likely not something you did, and if it was something you did, you would know. Swim spa covers don’t last forever and will need to be replaced eventually. Fall is the perfect time to check.

Drain and Refill Your Swim Spa

According to Endless Pools® Fitness Systems, your Endless Pools swim spa needs to be drained and refilled every year or two. This varies based on how much you use it, but regardless of how long you wait, fall is the perfect time to change the water. Summer just ended, and that’s likely the season you use your swim spa the most. So, before the cooler weather comes, you can really make sure you get a good clean on your swim spa’s interior after all of that heavy usage.

Check for Cracks and Leaks

While you’re draining your swim spa, it’s the perfect time to check for cracks and leaks. Sometimes these just happen, and while you don’t want them any time of year, you definitely don’t want them in the winter. Once it gets cold outside, water is more likely to freeze inside the cracks. So, you want to get those taken care of while it’s still fall. Plus, it’s easier to check and repair while your swim spa is empty.

Check Your Filters and Plumbing

Your swim spa’s filters will need to be replaced every 3-4 months, so why not make that easy by doing it at the start of the season? Again, while your swim spa is drained, it will be super easy to replace your filters. And while you’re at it, get a professional to make sure there aren’t any clogs in your plumbing just in case your filter missed something. 

Your swim spa is great to you all year round. You can be great to it too, with these 4 things to do for your swim spa in fall. And if you need any help, give Texas Hot Tub Company a call. We’ll be happy to do what we can to make sure your swim spa gets the all-star treatment.


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