3 Perks to a Plug-N-Play Hot Tub You Never Considered

Perks of a plug-n-play hot tub

Are you ready to start enjoying a new hot tub…now?! With a plug-n-play hot tub, you can! While standard hot tubs run on 220V of electricity, a plug-n-play hot tub is ready for use on just 110V. This means a typical home outlet can power your plug-n-play hot tub for use today! At Texas Hot Tub Company, we offer a variety of excellent plug-n-play hot tub options that can be used without an electrical setup upon arrival. Here are three perks of a plug-n-play hot tub you never considered. 

It’s Simple to Install and Get Started With a Plug-N-Play Hot Tub

Step One: Plug in. Step Two: Enjoy!! 

Ok, there’s a little more to it than that: you also have to change into your swimsuit. Jokes aside, installation of our plug-n-play hot tubs really is simple. Plug-n-play hot tubs do not require digging, heavy machinery, or an electrician to install. You have just what you need already. Identify a level spot in your backyard, have the hot tub delivered, and fill with water. Then you’re ready to enjoy! Plug-n-play hot tubs offer the same hydrotherapy and relaxation benefits of a standard hot tub. 

Get Affordable Prices with a Plug-N-Play Hot Tub

Want a great deal but don’t want to sacrifice quality in the process? Then a plug-n-play hot tub is just what you’re looking for! Both our Freeflow® Spas and Strong® Spas are made with exceptional quality, durability, and longevity. These hot tub brands also have excellent insulation so they maintain heat and keep energy costs low. Further, plug-n-play hot tubs have cost savings thanks to simple installation requirements. Get quality enjoyment at an affordable price with a plug-n-play hot tub.

Great Fit When Space is An Issue

Plug-n-play hot tubs come in a variety of sizes. No matter how small or grand of a space you have, we have a plug-n-play hot tub that will fit just right. Find hot tubs that fit two people or up to seven+ people, and everything in between. Additionally, Freeflow spas come in a variety of shapes, perfect for placing in unique or space conscious spots. For example, the Freeflow Tristar® comes in a triangular shape to make use of corner spaces. Check out other great models from our Freeflow spas and Strong spas collections.

Relocate Your Plug-N-Play Hot Tub 

Another great perk about plug-n-play hot tubs is they can be relocated to a new space without too much complication. Are you moving to a new house? Or are you wishing your hot tub was in a different spot in your backyard or deck? No problem! Since plug-n-play hot tubs are not installed into the ground and there is no need for a dedicated electrical line, you can relocate your spa. You only need to arrange proper muscle or machinery to safely lift and move it. 

Get ready for hot tub relaxation and fun! With a plug-n-play hot tub, you can start soaking in the warm waters in no time. Contact us at Texas Hot Tub Company to learn more about the many perks of a plug-n-play hot tub and if it might be a good fit for you. We look forward to hearing from you!


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