Your New Year’s Resolution Made Easy

Bet we can guess your New Year’s Resolution… You want to eat healthier! Doesn’t take much telepathic ability to guess the most popular resolution year after year, but when we’ve got an opportunity to be right, we take it!

If you haven’t been considering a Grill Dome Kamado as part of your healthy eating arsenal, you’re really not equipped for this battle – and it is a battle! As busy as our lives are in 2018 (still feels weird typing 2018) it’s extremely difficult to find the time to cook quality meals. The easy access, processed food found everywhere makes it all the more difficult to justify breaking from our busy schedules to truly nourish ourselves. Heck I’m starving at this very moment and the temptation to grab the crappy cereal bar and keep on trucking instead of breaking and making breakfast is difficult to resist, but let’s get back on track… (I failed this time)

The Grill Dome Kamado is much easier to use, much more efficient, much more fun to use, and cooks much better than your average grill!

These grills are the epitome of what we call The Trinity of Grilling – heat, smoke, and spice!

  • Heat – Cook anywhere from 200° – 750° +. Smoke, bake, grill, and sear – all on one grill!
  • Smoke – Smoke meats to perfection and pair with different wood types such as Apple, Alder, Hickory, Mesquite, Pecan, and many more!
  • Spice – Cook like a pro and put the flavor back into your food – and spice it up!

The Grill Dome’s ceramic construction is much less conductive than metal and therefore holds heat better. Ceramic Kamados can maintain temperatures better because of their mass as well. Ceramics can also do a great job of holding flavor in and developing it further. Proper seals between the lid and base of the Kamado and the top damper create a more dependable, consistent cooking environment. Last, but not least – the ceramic makes the Grill Dome a breeze to clean!

Cook on your Grill Dome daily as easily, if not easier than cooking in your kitchen. You could cook a week’s worth of meals once a week if you’re really pressed for time!

Whether you’re a vegan or a voracious meat eater, you can make the very healthiest and tastiest of meals on your Grill Dome.

Check out these 50 Vegan friendly BBQ recipes

And for the rest of us…Check out these 44 Healthy grilling recipes!

Now that is a lot of recipes. That takes the other hard part out of the equation – Deciding what to have! Those lists will keep you busy for a while.

Now all you need to do is visit Texas Hot Tub Company and pick up your Grill Dome!


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