Your New Spa: The Best Golf Buddy Ever

You love golf. It’s just you alone with your friends, nature and the most challenging game on Earth.

Well, they’re not your friends, exactly. They’re two strangers the clubhouse paired you with to keep the pace of the course moving along. And as far as nature, it’s perfectly manicured fairways, strategically placed bunkers and man-made bodies of water that exist at the expense of all the natural stuff that used to live there before the land was sold to developers.

But the challenging part is true. Golf is not a game for those who are easily frustrated or who are reluctant to be humbled again with every new tee time.

And the aches and pains don’t help, either.

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With each round comes a savage aching of the hands, which are tasked with gripping a thin tube weighted with a heavy end that swings full speed 80, 90, 100 times per round — 78 on the days when you lie.

Your shoulders and hips both fall prey to the same forces of wrenching torque and sudden stops. Then there’s the sheer distance you walk in metal-cleated shoes. Golf courses are big. Like, really big. Even if you ride in a cart, just walking to and from your ball will quickly put some miles under your feet.

The good news is, an investment in a spa can melt away the golf-related pains in your hands, back, shoulders, neck and legs every time you play. Soak before you go out, and you’ll have the freshest start you ever felt. Soak after your done and the warm water, massaging jets and relaxing hydrotherapy will soothe, relieve and release away the tension, tightness and inflammation you picked up along the way, making recovery quicker, easier and much more comfortable.

In short, a hot tub can fix all your golf troubles — Except for that 78 you “shot” that day when you went out alone. That lie is your cross to bear.



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