Your Guide to G-Rated Hot Tub Games

With cooler temperatures rolling in, there’s no better time to enjoy some exciting hot tub fun. As always, Coleman has the brightest ideas for your home and recreation, including these family-safe hot tub games!

Family and Friends that Play Together Stay Together

There’s nothing better than building relationships with the ones you love. Whether your hot tub is an oasis for your family or the center of fun for your friends, we’ve got the best in G-rated hot tub games for you this season.

Floating Fun

In the world of technological product advancements, there’s no end to the waterproof games you can play in your hot tub. Enjoy the warmth of the soothing water, the conversation of your favorite people, and the unbelievable joy of floating games like checkers, waterproof card games and more!

Ping Pong Pass

This rip-roaring game will have everyone in your family wiggling and giggling. When everyone is seated, throw five ping pong balls into the water. The jets will blow the balls this way and that. But don’t let one touch you! If a ping pong ball touches someone in the hot tub, they are out. As they step out of the tub, add two more ping pong balls. Do this each time until only one player—the winner—is left!

Sinking Submarine

Grab some plastic cups and let them float in your still hot tub water. Each person will take a turn pouring a bit of water into the cup. But don’t you dare sink that submarine! The cup must stay above the water. Whoever sinks the cup to the bottom of the spa sits out the next round.

The Spa Voice

Form two teamskKids vs. parents, boys vs. girls or friends vs. friends. Team one picks any word. Team two has to sing a song containing that word. The challenge then moves to team one to come up with another song containing that same word. The singing challenge moves back and forth until one team can no longer think of a song with that word. The other team gets a point and chooses the next word. You’ll have a blast belting out every tune you know.

Balloon Races

For this fun game you’ll need two teams, two balloons and a straw for each person. Each team gets half of the spa. Get ready for some action! Using your straw, try to blow your balloon and make it touch the other team’s wall. The first team to five points wins!

At Coleman Backyards, we love helping you make connections with the ones you love. That’s why we offer the very best in backyard amenities, such as spas from Hot Spring®. If you are looking for ways to boost your backyard fun, Coleman has everything you need for hot tub season. Call us today and bring your family or friends for your scheduled, private test soak. We have incredible options for fun and relaxation—right in the comfort of your own backyard! And with financing available, it’s never been easier to get the ultimate space for relaxation, recreation, and relationships.


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