Your Caldera Warranty is Our Promise to You

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When you buy a Caldera spa, we’ve got your back.

Whether it’s a Vacanza, Paradise or Utopia, your spa is protected by a comprehensive warranty that makes a promise to fix defects in the shell, the surface, the plumbing, the components, the cabinet, the lights and more. When our customers buy from us, we make a deal with them that the quality of craftsmanship meets the standards we expect from the stuff we make and sell.

We do not, however, pay for other people’s mistakes.

If you have an issue, contact an authorized Watkins service provider or contact Watkins directly. We can’t honor a warranty if you didn’t buy from a licensed dealer, and you have to be the original purchaser — ownerships transfers don’t count.

No one but an authorized Watkins manufacturer should ever repair your tub. We know your brother-in-law doubles as a handyman, but if you let him tinker with your spa before you call us, we can’t honor your warranty.

Be reasonable and use common sense. Follow all pre-installation instructions. Don’t make any alterations without written consent from Watkins. Don’t change the plumbing or electric. Also, remember that normal wear and tear, abuse (remember that night you invited everyone back to your house after the wedding for a dip in the hot tub?) and acts of God aren’t covered.

We stand by our products and we stand by our work, but we think we’re pretty good at building spas. We like them just the way they are when they leave our dealer showrooms. We don’t like anyone tinkering with them and calling us to clean up the mess — even your brother in law.

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