Work a Hot Tub into your Home Remodel

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HGTV, Pinterest and Houzz have made home remodels more popular than ever. From total home makeovers to stunning outdoor transformations, they make remodeling look fun and easy! You’ve caught the bug and you are ready to start the process for yourself. You have big dreams and they include a hot tub. But, how should you work a hot tub into your remodel to get the most bang for your buck? We’ve got answers that will help you add a spa to your remodel and increase the value of your home while doing it.

Plan for Your Hot Tub During the Remodel

The first thing you need to do is plan ahead. Good news, you are well on your way with this one! A well thought out plan that makes the hot tub look intentional is a big factor. You don’t want your spa to look out of place or like an afterthought. Hot tubs that are stuck to the side by themselves, give the appearance of being an afterthought while tubs that are built into a deck or are sunken look like the space was designed for them. So start your remodel with the hot tub in mind. Even if it isn’t the main purpose of your space, make sure that it looks like an intentional part of your design plan.

Location Location Location

A real estate agent will tell you that selling a home is all about location. The same is true about hot tubs. Location is key. Be sure that you are putting it in a place that most people would want to have a spa. You may think a hot tub in the corner of your master bedroom is a good idea, but chances are not everyone will. You also need to put it in a location with easy access for when you need to do maintenance. Make sure your drains and doors to your motors are easily accessible. If it looks inconvenient to a prospective buyer, your remodel won’t bring the added value that you are hoping for.

Tie In Your Hot Tub With Your Decor

The most important thing is to tie it all together. No matter where you choose to put your spa and how much you planned ahead, if you don’t tie it into your space, it isn’t going to look good. Use landscaping, pergolas or decking to anchor the hot tub in the space.  Make sure all of the other features of your space work with the hot tub. The furniture, outdoor kitchen, TV, stereo and fire pit should all flow together with the tub to avoid multiple focal points. This will make your space look luxurious and inviting.

Working a spa into your remodel adds so much to your home. Hot tubs bring entertainment, relaxation and health benefits. When properly planned for, they will also bring a great return on your investment.

When you are ready to get started with your remodel, come see us at Texas Hot Tub Company we would love to use our expertise to bring your remodel dreams to life!



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