Wondering if you should finance that home project? Read on …

Now is a great time of year to be thinking about backyard renovation plans. What’s on your mind – and how do you plan to accomplish it? A lot of projects, like cleaning up the landscaping or adding some new furniture are fairly easy on your pocketbook. But the big projects that can also add value to your home while they increase your enjoyment of it, aren’t always easy to afford.

Setting aside the large sums of money it would take to pay for these projects isn’t always possible. But if the project you want to complete will actually benefit your financial bottom line, financing is an excellent option.  

What projects can add home value?

It’s common knowledge that master bath and kitchen remodels offer a good return on your investment. But if you want to tackle a project that will add value to your home while also bringing you and your family years of enjoyment – the home improvement “sweet spot” – consider a project like adding a hot tub or swim spa, or a sauna – the works!

Browse our website gallery for installation ideas, and use our online tool to get a quote for your project.

What are my financing options?

No matter what projects you choose to pursue, there are likely financing options to meet your needs and your budget. If your project will be quite large, a mortgage refinance or home equity loan might be the right option for you. These rates are usually low, and often there are tax-related benefits to these types of loans – but be sure to talk to your tax advisor for details.

Many other types of financing are also available, whatever your project. We offer financing through Wells Fargo, with an in-store and online application process and quick credit decisions. To learn more, stop by one of our showrooms.

When you want to make changes to your home, thinking about the return on your investment is important. But remember –  home improvements that increase your quality of life are priceless.


The 2019 Limelight Collection Owner’s Manual will help you understand your spa’s features, and answer questions you might have regarding spa operation, water care, and maintenance. There is also a troubleshooting section included for your convenience.  

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