Why You Should Consider a Hot Tub with a Lounge Seat

Hot Tub with a Lounge Seat

There are so many decisions to ask yourself when it comes to investing in a hot tub. What brand of hot tub do I want? What size do I want? What shape do I want? What kind of seats do I want? We understand that all of this is a lot to take in, and we want to make that process a little easier for you. Here’s why you should consider a hot tub with a lounge seat.

What is a hot tub lounge seat?

Hot tub lounge seats are kind of like any other lounge seat — but better. When you think of a lounge seat, you probably think of lounge seats around a pool. You know, those chairs with little strips of plastic that you can never get comfortable in, no matter how many times you readjust them?

Well, hot tub lounge seats are a similar concept. They’re like a reclining chair. Instead of sitting upright in your hot tub the entire time, it gives you an opportunity to recline. But, unlike pool lounge chairs, hot tub lounge seats are not adjustable. Instead, they are expertly designed to be ergonomic and comfortable. When you leave a hot tub lounge seat, your back won’t be hurting. You will be refreshed.

What are the benefits of a hot tub with a lounge seat?

There are many benefits of a hot tub with a lounge seat. As we mentioned, they are designed to be ergonomic and comfortable, so you’ll always be refreshed when you leave the hot tub. But, the benefits don’t end there. 

Hot tub lounge seats also have jets built right into the seat. So, it’s basically like a massage chair, but instead of the hard massage balls moving on your back, it’s the soothing pulse of jets. Not only that, but you get the benefits of hydrotherapy plus massage. If you have any sort of pain or stress in your life, you won’t find a better option for relief.

That sounds great. What’s the catch?

We wouldn’t be truthful if we didn’t discuss the slight catch of having a hot tub with a lounge seat. The good news is, there is only one: it takes up more space than a regular seat. The lounge seat needs space to, well … lounge. So there will be fewer seats in a hot tub with a lounge seat than the same size hot tub without a lounge seat.

But, there is even more good news: if you need more seats but want a lounge seat, Hot Spring® Spas has a solution for you. Many of our models offer semi-reclined seats, so you can get the amount of seats you want and lounge. It’s a win-win.

Hopefully your hot tub decision making is a little easier now that you know why you should consider a hot tub with a lounge seat. Whether you want a lounge seat, all regular seats, or something in between, we can help you pick out the perfect hot tub at Texas Hot Tub Company.


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