Why Endless Pools® is Perfect for a 4th of July Bash

according to this family, Endless Pools® is perfect for a 4th of July bash

While the world is slowly getting back to normal, 4th of July may still look a little bit different this year. There probably won’t be any huge festivals or fireworks displays, and you may not be able to take your annual 4th of July trip again. But, pandemic or not, we have a new tradition for you: celebrating in your swim spa. It may be unconventional, but it’ll be your new favorite celebration. Here’s why Endless Pools® is perfect for a 4th of July bash.

A New Take on the Pool Party

Have you ever been invited to a 4th of July pool party? What about a celebration at the lake? These events both involve swimming in water. So why not make it your own by having your 4th of July bash in a swim spa? 

In our opinion, a swim spa is an even better venue for a party than a pool or a lake. With a swim spa, there’s something for everybody! It’s the perfect combination of a hot tub and a swimming pool. So, the kids can play in the pool part while the adults relax in the hot tub section. It’s also an easy way for adults to keep an eye on the kids without getting distracted outside of the pool or lake. It truly works out well for everybody.

Sit Back and Watch the Show

A swim spa also makes a great place to watch a fireworks display, whether it’s your own or one you’re watching from afar. If you’re in a swimming pool or lake, you’re going to get cold once it gets dark. But with a swim spa that warms up like a hot tub, you’ll stay warm all night long. Plus, there are ledges around the side that make it perfect for sitting back and relaxing.

There is also just something so comforting about being in the water while watching fireworks. Have you ever worried that a stray firework is going to come towards you, or have gotten hit by a piece of ash? When you’re in the water, that fear suddenly goes to the back of your mind. 

5th of July Cleaning

If you’re going to have a 4th of July bash, make sure to have a 5th of July cleaning bash as well to keep your Endless Pools in great shape. Be careful to clean out all firework ashes. Just like leaves and other debris, these won’t be completely filtered out. You should also remove your filters and at least rinse them, if not give them a full cleanse to get all of the ash and other dirt out. And, last but not least, don’t forget to shock your water to make up for all of the people in it the night before. 

Endless Pools® is perfect for a 4th of July bash because it’s something different than everyone else, and it’s really not too hard to clean. If you want to get an Endless Pools for your celebration, contact Texas Hot Tub Company today.


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