Why are Some Saunas Considered Unsafe?

Why are Some Saunas Considered Unsafe?

While most people can’t stop talking about all of the incredible health benefits of saunas, there are a few who shout, rather loudly, that saunas are unsafe. How can something that has been around for so long and has so much credible research supporting it be considered unsafe? You are right to question and we are happy to put your mind at ease. The benefits and research supporting saunas are true and just as amazing as they say. High-quality saunas are not just safe but incredibly beneficial. So why do some consider them unsafe?

Low-Quality Saunas

Simply put, the experience of the naysayers has unfortunately been with a cheap, low-quality sauna. When saunas are manufactured with low-quality materials, they emit strange fumes as they heat up. The participant sitting in the sauna breathes in those awful fumes. These saunas actually accomplish the exact opposite of a high-quality sauna. People who have experienced the unpleasant nature of these low-quality saunas, or those who have heard negative things from others, wrongly assume that all saunas have the same drawbacks.

High-Quality Saunas

Fortunately, there are high-quality saunas like Finnleo Saunas that are only made with top of the line materials. In fact, Finnleo Saunas are made with the strictest health and environmental standards on the planet. These saunas are all about detoxification, clarification, and health. What makes them high quality?

Quality Wood

Finnleo Saunas are built with high-quality wood. Seats are built with Abachi or Cedar wood. The walls of a Finnleo Sauna might also use cedar but can also be made of Nordic White Spruce or Hemlock. High-quality woods free of chemicals will either emit a natural smell, as is the case with the pleasant aroma of cedar, or no smell at all depending on the wood selected. A high-quality sauna will NOT smell like fumes.

Quality Rocks

The rocks in a sauna heater can also produce a chemical smell if they are not the proper stone. High-quality saunas have high-quality rocks that maintain heat well and put off no odor at all.  Finnleo has Vulkanite stones. They contain no VOCs and have no smell as they heat.

By avoiding the off-putting fumes of low-quality saunas, you can be among the many who are shouting about all of the incredible benefits of your sauna. Come out to our Texas Hot Tub Company showroom and see for yourself the luxury that you will experience every day with a Finnleo Sauna.

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