Where Can I Put a Sauna in My Home?

Where Can I Put a Sauna in My Home?

Once you realize all the incredible benefits of a sauna, you will be ready to install one in your home TODAY! But, in your fast and furious mission, you may wonder, “Where can I put a sauna in my home?” There are many locations where you can install a Finnleo® Sauna in your home and our team at Texas Hot Tub Company can help you identify the perfect one. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect spot for your sauna. 

Minimum Requirements for Installing Your Sauna

You can install your Finnleo Sauna just about anywhere you have a dry, level space. It is also necessary that the foundation be solid, stable, and impermeable. Therefore, the best floor types include materials such as cement, wood, and tile.

Your sauna will also need access to electrical power. Most of our saunas are able to use standard 120V household plugs, making installation and use simple. If the sauna you select requires a more powerful 240V outlet, your local electrician can easily get you set up.

Additionally, while a drain is nice to have and convenient for maintenance, it is not a requirement for your sauna location.

Some of the Best Spots to Consider

Whether you have a small space, a large space, or an irregularly shaped space, we have a sauna that will fit your indoor needs. Here are a few of the best and most common locations to consider.

1. An Unused Closet

This is one of our favorite sauna locations because it gives an unused space new life. Our custom-cut saunas can be tailor-made to fit nearly any shape and size closet you have. Custom-cut saunas are available in both infrared and traditional heating styles. Stop by one of our five area locations and we will help you design your ideal custom-cut sauna. 

2. Your Bathroom

Another great option is to install your indoor sauna in your bathroom. Your bathroom is already designed to withstand additional moisture and your personal bathing accessories,  such as a robe and towel, are already nearby. If you prefer privacy while in your sauna, the bathroom provides it. Additionally, it makes taking a shower after your sauna session simple and hassle-free.

3. Your Living Room

Finding a convenient location is important to regular sauna use. While your living room may not have been your first thought, it’s worth considering! Not only is it close by, it encourages family time in the sauna, potentially allows you to watch TV while bathing, and has the added perk of natural lighting. Additionally, Finnleo Saunas are beautifully constructed with stunning natural wood. Your sauna will be a lovely feature in your living room.

4. Your Garage or Basement

If you prefer to install your sauna in a less public space, consider your garage or basement. Both of these spaces typically have ample room for whatever size sauna you desire. Just keep in mind that these spaces are typically not heated and therefore your sauna may require a little additional time to heat up before use. 

If you need further help deciding on the perfect spot to install your sauna, our experienced and highly skilled team can help you! You can also stop by any of our five locations to see Finnleo Saunas for yourself. To order a sauna for your home, contact us today!


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