When Texas Heats Up, Turn Your Hot Tub Heat Down

Summer is here. School is out, the sun is shining, and the Texas heat is hotter than ever. After a long day in the heat, you really just want to cool down, but all you have is a hot tub. A nice soak sounds wonderful, but hot water sure doesn’t. Have you heard of the CoolZone™ system? When you add a CoolZone system to your Hot Spring® spa, your hot tub temperature limit changes. So, when Texas heats up, you can turn your hot tub heat down.

What is a CoolZone System?

A CoolZone system is an accessory you can add to your hot tub. The system connects to your hot tub’s heating system so you can change the heat in as little as a few hours. Instead of being limited with your hot tub only going down to about 80 degrees, the CoolZone system allows your hot tub water to go down as low as 60 degrees. So, during the day you can enjoy a cool, refreshing dip in the hot tub, and at night you can enjoy the warm water again.

Are There Any Other CoolZone Benefits?

CoolZone benefits don’t stop when Texas heats up! You can use your CoolZone system year round for other amazing benefits.

Hot Tub Time for Children

Have you wanted to let your child spend time in the hot tub, but were worried about the heat level? Children can spend time in a hot tub without a CoolZone system. But with a CoolZone system, your child’s hot tub session can be as long as yours, since you don’t have to worry about them overheating in the cooler water.

Additional Arthritis Relief with Cold Therapy

It’s no secret that spending time in a hot tub provides arthritis pain relief. Typically, this is discussed in the context of heat therapy, as the heat helps relax muscles and lessens joint stiffness. However, if you’re in the middle of a bad arthritis flare, the Arthritis Foundation® recommends cold therapy instead of heat therapy. Without CoolZone, you could just apply a pack of ice to calm your arthritis symptoms. Or, with CoolZone, you can still use your hot tub for arthritis relief, even in a flare.

Cold therapy relief doesn’t stop there, either. Athletes and others can also benefit from cold therapy. So, if you got a hot tub for the therapeutic benefits, adding a CoolZone system extends those perks.

Even More Energy Efficiency

Hot Spring spas are already fairly energy efficient, but a CoolZone system adds even more energy efficiency. With CoolZone, the heater spends less time heating your hot tub when not in use, so you can save even more money on your energy bill.

If you’re interested in buying a Hot Spring spa and/or a CoolZone system, come visit us at Texas Hot Tub Company or contact us online. When Texas heats up, we’re here and ready to help you turn your hot tub heat down.


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