When Is The Best Time to Purchase an Above Ground Pool?

There’s never a bad time of year to think about installing an above ground pool. Whether the dog days of summer have you fantasizing about a cooling dip or the harsh winter chill sends your mind to warm, refreshing places, wanting a pool of your own is a year-round desire.

But is there a “best” time of year to actually pull the trigger on this purchase? Let’s take a little stroll through the seasons and consider the pros and cons of each.

leaves during the Fall season


Many experts tout fall as the best time to buy. Installers are just finishing up their busy summer season, and they’re interested in getting rid of any leftover inventory. Price-wise, this is when you’re likely to get the best deal, as many retailers will lower prices on leftover supply from the current year to make room for next year’s models.

You’re also more likely to get your sales rep’s full attention. When business is less hectic, installers are able to really take their time with every customer, answering questions and offering advice. Much as they’d like to provide this same personalized service all year round, it’s just not possible during the chaotic summer months.

Our temperate climate also makes fall a great time to install a pool in Central Texas. It’s the prime season for planting trees and flowers, perfect for landscaping around your new pool. And it’s a comfortable season to be outdoors, so the workers performing your installation can take their time without worrying about heat exhaustion.

The downsides of a fall installation? September and October are among the wetter months in Central Texas, so it’s possible your installation will be pushed back due to weather. The good news is that because it’s not a busy time for installers, it should still be relatively easy to set a date.

The hardest part about a fall installation is that you’ll spend a few months looking longingly at your new pool before it’s time to use it. (Though with Texas weather, you may very well end up with a perfect pool day in January — stranger things have happened!)

winter season snowflakes


As far as sales are concerned, winter can be hit or miss. If you find a retailer who made serious misjudgments (or just had a bad season), they’re probably happy to deeply discount their remaining stock. You could score a great deal!

On the other hand, if you’re too late to the game or if that season’s sales have exceeded expectations, you might find there’s nothing left in stock, in which case you’ll have to wait for the spring and probably pay full price.

Installation-wise, winter is usually dry in Central Texas, and we rarely have to worry about the inclement weather events that make winter pool installations a no go for much of the country. You should have no trouble getting your install date on the calendar immediately. And you’ll have plenty of time to plan spring/summer pool parties, stock up on pool toys and accessories, install any decking or outdoor furniture, and generally do all the prep work to ensure a magical swimming season.

Spring season flowers blooming.


As the weather starts to warm up, bear in mind that you’re not the only person thinking a new pool would be nice. Your dealer is going to be working with a lot of customers this season and may not be able to immediately respond to questions or return inquiries. You will also likely have to wait longer for an install date — and wet spring weather may cause further delays.

You’re likely to pay full price for a pool during the spring, but you could still be able to take advantage of discounted add-ons or other special offers. And you might luck out and find a great deal on one of last year’s models that still hasn’t sold.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a particular type of pool, are interested in the latest model, or just want lots of choices, you’re in luck! Spring is when new inventory comes in, so you’ll definitely have the widest selection to choose from, and finding the absolute perfect pool for you should be no problem. Again, do your research ahead of time, as sales reps will be swamped and won’t always be able to spend extra time with you.

Summer season flowers.


A summer purchase means you don’t have to wait to start enjoying your pool — but you may have to wait to get an installation date, as companies might be booked up weeks in advance. Hot, dry weather is great for installations, but not great for installers (imagine how you’d feel working outside all day in the Texas heat). Workers might not be able to take as much time to be sure your installation is perfect — they need to get out of the sun and onto the next house!

If you’re able to hold off, try for a late summer purchase. You’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy your pool before the cold weather comes, and you’ll probably get better service and a shorter wait time for installation as the busy season draws to a close. By this point, some dealers might also have reassessed their stock and be ready to make deals on surplus models.

To Conclude…

There’s never a bad time to buy a pool — but there are pros and cons to each season. Consider what’s most important to you: a good deal, more personal attention, a better selection, or the ability to use your pool right away. Then pick your season and start shopping!


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