What Makes Strong Spas So Durable?

What Makes Strong Spas So Durable?

When purchasing a new hot tub, you want to find a hot tub that will offer years of high-quality use and enjoyment. This is one reason we love Strong Spas® at Texas Hot Tub Company. Strong Spas are known for their strength, longevity, and durable quality that will give you years of soaking, relaxing, wellness, and fun. So, what makes Strong Spas so durable? Here are some of the ways that make Strong Spas so enduring and one of the leading hot tub brands in the industry.

Made in America for Durability

Strong Spas is one of the few hot tub companies in the industry that is built and manufactured in the USA. All Strong Spas are produced and shipped from their manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania. Being built in America from their own facility allows Strong Spas to oversee every step of the manufacturing process and care for every detail. This allows for consistently excellent and highly durable hot tubs.

Strong Spas Lifetime Warranty

Strong Spas guarantees their quality and durable design with excellent warranties on parts and labor. This includes the industry’s first lifetime warranty on the Dura-Last® Acrylic Spa Cabinet, the Dura-Shield® Hardcover, and the Dura-Sport® Rotationally Molded Spa Shell and Cabinet. The lifetime warranty guarantees the cabinet or shell will not split, rot, crack, or peel. Additionally, each Strong Spas come with great limited warranties that prove the quality and belief in their product.

Dura-Shield Hardcover Provides Protection

Strong Spas are designed to last. Through cutting-edge innovation and attention to detail, your Strong Spa will look as stunning and vibrant on the first day you get it as it will after years of use. One reason for this impeccable durability is the Dura-Shield Hardcover. The Dura-Shield Hardcover is designed to be maintenance-free, extremely strong, and highly protective. Additionally, with the UltraStrong® CoverLift, removing your Dura-Shield Cover is as easy as opening a car door.

Dura-Last Hot Tub Cabinet Increases Longevity

The Dura-Last Cabinet is made with patented technology that makes it unique, cutting edge, and extremely durable. It is designed to be UV-protected, maintenance-free, and never deteriorate, rust, rot, crack, or peel. Strong Spas Dura-Last Cabinet is double-walled and fully insulated to protect your hot tub while also making it energy efficient.  

Strong Spas Triple Bond Acrylic Hot Tub Shell

Every Strong Spa is made with three layers of bonded acrylic. This is the thickest and strongest hot tub shell in the industry! The triple-layered shell makes the hot tub resistant to bacteria, stains, chips, cracks, dents, and UV light exposure.

Strong Spas is one of the premier hot tub brands with a reputation for quality and durability. That’s why Texas Hot Tub Company proudly carries their hot tubs for our customers. Stop by any of our five area locations to learn more about what makes Strong Spas so durable. Contact us to order your Strong Spas today!


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