What is the Perfect Temperature for Your Hot Tub?




Right now, you are dreaming of a day when you can set aside all the stress, take a little break, and slip in for a long, long soak in your hot tub. But sometimes when you are a new hot tub user, you might have a little trouble finding just the right setting that makes every single person in your family happy. So, what is the perfect temperature for your hot tub? Well, honestly, it just depends on who is using it!

Moderately Magical

You love those cute kids in your household, and you want to make sure that you have the hot tub set at the right temperature for them. One of the reasons you bought that steamy spa in the first place is to have a central gathering spot for the whole family. You made a great choice! When kids join you for a soak or some family time, try setting your hot tub around 98°-99°F. Kids will need it a bit cooler, since their bodies do not work as well as adults at regulating their internal core temperature, yet. You can also have them sit out of the water on a high seat or your lap. It will cool them and be some great family bonding.

Temperate Teens

As teens grow, it’s extra important to have that dedicated time to relax and connect together. A hot tub is perfect for teens and parents who want to linger over conversation, relaxation, and the ultimate in family hot tub fun. Try setting your temperature around 101°-102°F. The water will feel warm enough to soothe and relax muscles — and to soften the rough edges of teen hormones! You’ll be able to linger longer since the water will not be too warm. So, enjoy those teens before the years slip away.

Raise the Roof

If you are soaking by yourself or with another adult, you can feel free to relax in whatever temperature feels best at the time. On warm weather days, you may feel like a cooler, jetted soak around 96°F is just about right. And then on cool days and evenings, feel free to go up to a maximum temperature of 104°F, barring any health conditions that would prevent this. The hot water will soothe stress, increase circulation, ease aches and pains, and get you started on the right foot for a brand new day.

Coleman Backyards has been bringing you bright ideas for your home for over 50 years. And now it’s easier than ever to adjust the temperature to the people who will be enjoying your hot tub. With the HotSpring® Connextion™ Remote Monitoring System, you can even adjust your spa’s temperature remotely to get ready for your soaking time together. If you are in the market for a new spa, now’s the perfect time to buy. Come in to see how our hot tubs with remote temperature control are ideal for anyone of any age. Let us know what temperature setting is working best for your family!


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