What are My Hot Tub Options for Lower Back Pain?

When you have chronic back pain, there is nothing that feels better than a warm Epsom salt bath. The warm water combined with the healing properties of the salt provides more relief than anything else. But, sometimes the size or material of the bathtub itself can cause issues. It almost seems like the uncomfortableness of the bathtub cancels out the pain relief from the bath. So, you’ve started looking into hot tubs. They’re like a bathtub, just better, right? But this got you wondering: “What are my hot tub options for lower back pain?” Let’s break them down.

The Hot Tub Equivalent of Epsom Salt

Epsom salt seems like an old, hokey home remedy, but it actually works. Unfortunately, you can’t use Epsom salt in your hot tub, but there is a solution. When you buy a Hot Spring® Spas Highlife® or Limelight® model, you have the option to get the Freshwater® Salt System. With this system, your hot tub will be a saltwater hot tub instead of a traditional chlorine hot tub. The saltwater in the hot tub acts like Epsom salt, providing the same pain relief to your lower back.

A Better Seating Arrangement

We can all agree that the worst part of an Epsom salt bath is the bathtub itself. No matter how hard you try, it gets uncomfortable after a while and can even make your pain worse. 

With a hot tub, you don’t have to worry about this. Hot tub seats are designed for ultimate comfort and relaxation. However, not all hot tubs are the same. For example, some Hot Spring spa models come with lounge seating, so you can recline. If your back pain radiates into your hips, you may want to consider this option to provide some additional relief. 

If your purpose in buying a hot tub is to relieve lower back pain, be sure to check out the hot tub seats in person before making your purchase. While comfort is important for every hot tub owner, it is especially important when you’re seeking pain relief. You don’t want to make this investment without truly seeing all of your options first.

Pay Attention to the Jets

If you weren’t yet convinced a hot tub is better than a bath, here’s one thing your bath probably doesn’t have: hydrotherapy jets. Hot tub jets massage your body while you’re in the water, providing even more pain relief. However, you don’t just want to go for the hot tub with the most jets; the function of the jets is what really matters. If you get a hot tub with a lot of jets, but none of them address your area of pain, then they’re useless.

For back pain, Hot Spring Spas recommends their Moto-MassageⓇ DX jets, available on hot tubs the Highlife collection. These jets are very powerful and move around your back, making them ideal for those who have lower back pain.

Now that you know your hot tub options for lower back pain, stop by one of Texas Hot Tub Company’s four award-winning showrooms. Our team will help you pick the perfect features to help with your pain and answer any other questions you may have.


The 2019 Limelight Collection Owner’s Manual will help you understand your spa’s features, and answer questions you might have regarding spa operation, water care, and maintenance. There is also a troubleshooting section included for your convenience.  

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