How to Use Your Endless Pools® Swim Spa for More Than Just Swimming

How to Use Your Endless Pools® Swim Spa for More Than Just Swimming

Do you enjoy swimming in your swim spa? That’s great! But what if we told you there are many other ways to utilize your swim spa. Just like peanut butter pairs best with jelly, and cookies are most enjoyed with a glass of milk, swimming in your swim spa is complemented best with other uses. Swimming is a great way to exercise and utilize your swim spa. But, there are many other amazing ways to use your swim spa and benefit as well. Read here how to use your Endless Pools® swim spa for more than just swimming

Alternative Low Impact Cardio

Swimming is not the only cardiovascular exercise you can do in your Endless Pools swim spa. In fact, there are many fun and beneficial ways to get cardio in your swim spa.

For one, running on the underwater treadmill is a great low impact exercise that will get your heart rate up. Also, try our aquabike feature. Turn on the swim current while spinning for added resistance if you’d like. Another option is the Endless Pools row kit.

This is a fun and challenging alternative way to get your cardio. No matter your fitness level, you will love the rowing option.

Strength Training

An Endless Pools swim spa is not just for cardio workouts. Strength training is an important piece of overall fitness, and can be done right in your swim spa. Build and tone muscles with upper body, lower body, and even core exercises. You can enlist the help of aquatic dumbbells and resistance bands as needed.

Ease Body Pains

Body aches and pains are an unwelcome friend. No matter if your body aches are a chronic issue or result of a long week, using your swim spa can bring needed relief. By soaking in your swim spa, your muscles can relax. Additionally, the increased circulation helps heal and restore muscles. Stiff or aching joints also loosen up and it can even reduce pain associated with arthritis.


An Endless Pool swim spa is both swim and spa. Making regular time to soak in your swim spa relieves stress and relaxes both your mind and body. Take a deep breath and close your eyes as you sit in the ergonomic spa seats. Let the hydromassage jets bring relaxation from head to toe.

Family Time

Not only can your Endless Pools swim spa benefit your health and wellness, it can also be a great place to enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Little ones to seniors will enjoy playing and splashing in your swim spa and enjoying laughs together. Start making great family memories in a swim spa today!

As you can see, an Endless Pools swim spa can be used for far more than just swimming. When you invest in a swim spa, you can do multiple forms of cardio, excellent strength training, relaxation and much, much more! At Texas Hot Tub Company, we believe an Endless Pools swim spa is an excellent choice for your health, wellness, and family. Stop by one of our five locations to take a test swim in an Endless Pools swim spa. Or contact us to get your swim spa today!


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