Turn Your Hot Tub into a Cooling Tub this Summer

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I need a cooling tub

The heat here is so intense that lily pads get hot enough to fry a frog’s belly. It doesn’t take long to figure out that sitting in a hot tub is not a place you want to be on a hot Dallas day. You need a cooling tub.

But what if you could turn your hot tub into a cooling tub this summer? That’s a horse of a different color – or a tub of a different temperature.

Change your mindset to a cooling tub

Let’s play some word association. What is the first word you hear when you hear someone say, “hot tub.” (Most people would say “hot” because that is the first word you hear.)

What word would you most like to be on a hot day? “Cool.” That’s “cool” as in “good answer” and as in “anything but hot!”

What is another word for “hot tub?” That’s right, “spa.”

“Hot tub” sounds great on a cool day, but not so much on a hot Dallas day.

“Spa” sounds great any day any time of the year. If it is hot outside, “spa” sounds cool. If it is cool out, “spa’ sounds warm. Think “spa” because that is what your hot tub is.

Change the temperature to a cooling tub

There is a copious amount of content about getting the right temperature in a hot tub spa. All that is written boils down to the ideal temperature being somewhere between 100º and 104º. That’s correct. When the weather is cold. But it is not ideal when the weather is hot.

Do you see that control panel over on the side of the spa? It has a temperature control device. There is no rule saying that it has to be set at an “ideal” 102º unless you are trying to win an award for most consistent hot tub temperature. Turn it off. Or set it at 85º, which is an ideal temperature for a swim – or a relaxing dip.

Swim University says, “You’ll essentially have a small pool that you can relax in on those hot summer days.”

Freeflow® Spas notes that “turning your hot tub into a “cool tub” is quick and easy!” In fact, “unlike a pool, hot tubs are insulated, so once you’ve initially cooled off your spa, the insulation will take care of the rest.”

The folks here at Texas Hot Tub Company want to make sure you have accurate information and the best possible customer experience before and after you purchase your hot tub. That includes tips on how to use your hot tub for your maximum pleasure and enjoyment all year long.

Now that you have turned your hot tub into a cool tub, why not consider inviting a frog over to cool off his belly after sitting on the lily pad frying pan? Or maybe not.

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