4 Tips & Tricks to Sleep Better Every Night


Tossing. Turning. Staring into the dark while you rack your mind for answers in the midnight hour. Sleep is elusive and you are soooooo tired of it. You, my friend, are not alone. Incredibly, one out of every three people has a terrible time sleeping at night. How can this be, you ask? And is there a cure? We’re here to help you with four tips and tricks to sleep better every night.

Goodnight, Sleep Tight

If one-third of the earth’s population has trouble sleeping, you can be assured that you are in good company. While there are a dozen different ideas on what causes sleepless nights, the better question is what can help conquer the issue.

Sleeplessness can cause a myriad of different problems such as depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, obesity, and a weakened immune system, just to name a few. So, what can you do to help yourself?

Routine Reigns Supreme

First, keeping a regular routine can help your circadian rhythm even out. When your body is used to falling asleep and waking at the same times every day, it will be more likely that you can catch a great amount of shut-eye.

Dreamtime Diet

Next, what you put into your body can have a huge impact on your sleep. If you tend to overindulge in alcohol or caffeine after dinner, that can cause enormous problems with your brain and body’s ability to wind down and rest. Any stimulants should be kept to a minimum, and only during daytime, not evening, hours.

Screen Time Solutions

Your brain starts to produce a magical little chemical several hours before your head hits the pillow. It’s called melatonin. Do you remember when you were a kid and your eyes would be heavy and you would quickly drift to sleep after a great day of playing outdoors? Melatonin is to thank. However, today’s blue light from electronic devices interrupts the release of that unbelievably important chemical. Without it, you’ll have a really hard time snoozing through the night. So, put down or turn off your smartphone, tablet, computer, and even television several hours before bedtime. Grab a good book, instead. It will help your mind relax, assist your eyes in getting droopy, and lull you into a soothing night of comfortable rest.

Hot Tub Help

Finally, one of the best things you can do for routine relaxation is to slip into your hot tub. Your backyard spa is an impactful asset to help you get the sleep that you need. A daily spot for relaxation, restoration and renewal, your hot tub offers benefits important for long nights filled with restful sleep. As your body rests in the warm water, your circulation increases – sending important oxygen and nutrients to the brain. After only 20 minutes, stress calms, peace drifts in, and pain melts away. When you leave your spa, your body temperature naturally cools like it does when you are ready to sleep – signaling to your brain that it is time for the sandman to come.

It’s past time to let your body get the rest that you’ve been longing for. Putting into practice these four easy steps can have you sleeping like a baby sooner than you could have ever dreamed. With these tips and a hot tub from Coleman Backyards, you’ll experience the best bedtimes you’ve had in years. So, contact us today. We have just the right hot tub to help you settle into a good night’s sleep each and every day of the year.



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