Throw an Aquatic Dance Therapy Party in Your Swim Spa

It’s summertime and that means it’s time to have some fun! What could be more fun than throwing a party in your swim spa? Throwing an aquatic dance therapy party in your swim spa! You and your friends can have a great time together and exercise. Here’s how.

What is Aquatic Dance Therapy?

Aquatic dance therapy encompasses many different things. While many use the term “aquatic therapy” to describe a program like physical therapy in the water, that isn’t necessarily the same as aquatic dance therapy. Aquatic dance therapy is for anyone, whether or not you’re recovering from an injury. 

Have you heard of water aerobics or Aqua Zumba®? Programs like these are what many consider aquatic dance therapy. Anyone can do them, and they’re often easier than the same programs done on land. But why are they considered therapy?

What Makes It Aquatic Dance Therapy

When you hear about a water aerobics or Aqua Zumba class, you’re probably thinking more in terms of exercise than therapy. But, doing these activities in water is actually very therapeutic, especially if you have a chronic pain condition like rheumatoid arthritis or Fibromyalgia. The buoyancy of the water takes pressure off your joints, making the exercise low impact and less painful. The warmth of the water and the jets from a swim spa also promote muscle relaxation and healing. So, even if you don’t have chronic pain conditions, you can benefit from aquatic dance therapy.

Why in a Swim Spa?

Water aerobics and Aqua Zumba are usually held in a rec center pool. So that begs the question, why do it in a swim spa? Swim spas typically have warmer water temperatures than swimming pools, and they also have jets like hot tubs. As we mentioned before, the warmer water and massage for the jets help promote relaxation and healing. 

So then, you may be thinking, why a swim spa and not a hot tub? Both swim spas and hot tubs are great for aquatic dance therapy. But, if you’re looking to throw an aquatic dance therapy party, a swim spa is larger and you’ll have more room!

How Do I Throw the Party?

Throwing an aquatic dance therapy party in your swim spa is easy! All you need is music, your swim spa, and some friends. If you have a friend who is familiar with aquatic dance therapy and can lead the rest of the group, that’s great! If not, you can put on a YouTube video or even just wing it! No matter what way you do it, you’ll have some fun with friends and get some exercise. It’s a win-win!

Where Can I Get a Swim Spa?

If you’re ready to throw an aquatic dance therapy party in your swim spa, but are missing the swim spa part, head on over to Texas Hot Tub Company. At Texas Hot Tub Company, we only sell the best swim spas: Endless Pools® Fitness Systems. These swim spas are great if you want to swim, relax, or work out with some added features. They have it all. Contact us online or stop by to learn more.


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