“Jacuzzi®” and “hot tub” are often used interchangeably. That’s because the Jacuzzi brand has become famous throughout the world for its excellent product: hot tubs. So how did this miraculous invention come about? Where did hot tubs come from? And, how did Jacuzzi® help change the world?

The Stone Age of Hydrotherapy

Did you know that evidence shows ancient cultures used natural hot springs as a form of relaxation? And, when they couldn’t find a spring, they would heat rocks over a fire and add them to a pool of water. In fact, the Romans invented a plumbing system to allow water to flow straight from furnaces to designated “tubs” to create the ultimate spa experience as they knew it. Our ancestors certainly understood the importance of hydrotherapy, but it was the Jacuzzi brothers who would take this idea for an invention, and change the spa world forever. 

Jacuzzi®: A Family Affair

The Jacuzzi brothers immigrated from Italy to California and were a family of inventors in the early 1900s. Mainly working on advancements in agriculture and aviation, they successfully came up with the world’s first-ever submersible pump. When a family member was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 1956, they quickly went to work to find a solution for pain and stiffness. Using what they already knew about hydraulics, the J-300 was born. It was the first portable pump that could turn any standard bathtub into a place of healing and relaxation. It was this simple invention that paved the way for the wellness industry and hydrotherapy as we know it. 

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