The Dog Owners’ Guide to Hot Tub Safety

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Dog Owner's Guide to Hot Tub Safety

There’s nothing your dog likes more than being with you. He’d gladly follow you into the hot tub. But is that safe for him? Nope, it’s definitely not good for your dog. It’s bad for your hot tub, too, for that matter. 

Too Hot to Handle

That warm, bubbly water is just what you need to unwind after a long day at work or to massage out the kinks in your shoulders. When the hot tub raises your core temperature, you start sweating to regulate it. Your dog, on the other hand, is built differently. Dogs don’t sweat. When your pooch gets hot, he pants to rid himself of the excess heat. But he can’t pant enough to keep his body temperature in a safe zone in the hot tub. Additionally, the jets may be too much for him to keep up with and he can get exhausted and overheated much faster than you’d expect. 

Besides the temperature, your carefully-balanced hot tub water is designed for your skin, not his. The chemicals can leave him with dry or irritated skin. 

Not Great for Your Spa

Keeping your dog out of the tub is better for your Jacuzzi®, too. Its sleek shell, interior, and luxurious spa seats can be damaged by your dog’s claws as he clambers in and out of the hot tub. And, just like the way you bring detergents and lotions into your water when you use your hot tub, he’ll bring in substances, too. But, the flea treatments, dirt, and other stuff that he brings in will wreak havoc on your water balance much faster. Most importantly, his short fur will probably clog your filter and could even do damage to the interior components of your treasured backyard oasis. 

So, for the safety of both your dog and your Jacuzzi, don’t allow him to enter your hot tub. If your sweet pet hates being left out of the water fun, set up a sprinkler for him to run through or fill up a kiddie pool so he has a puppy spa of his own. You can enjoy your relaxing hydrotherapeutic soak while he splashes in a cool pool made just for him.

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