The BEST Ways to Meet Your New Neighbors

Whether it’s because of a job change, upgrading, downsizing, or wanting to move to a better school district, people move in and out of houses all the time. When you move to a new neighborhood, it can seem a bit challenging to introduce yourself. Texas Hot Tub Company wants to help! Here are some of the best ways to meet your new neighbors.

Meet New Neighbors When You Smile!

Yes, it really can be that simple! Of course, you’re exhausted and stressed from moving, but a simple smile to your neighbor as you check the mail, or a wave when you go to cut the grass goes a long way in how approachable you appear. When your neighbors see that you’re friendly and ready to make new acquaintances, it will make introductions come much more easily. They may even offer to help unpack a few boxes, (wink-wink!).

Get Involved in the Community

It may take more than a smile to be considered part of your new community. Look into things you can volunteer with at your kids’ school, or join the neighborhood watch team. If you get invited to a mixer or dinner party, make an effort to go. Being active in events shows the neighbors you want to be involved and included.

Host a Party! 

Once you’re settled in and ready to take on an entertaining role, invite everyone over for a backyard get together. Fire up the grill, have the hot tub ready to go, and soon you’ll be the most popular house on the block. 

Are you planning a big move soon? The spa experts at Texas Hot Tub Company want to help! We have a selection of hot tubs to meet all of your entertaining needs, like a Jacuzzi® from the J-200™ Collection, which seats up to 7 people! Contact us today and we’ll find you the right spa to complete your new backyard paradise.



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