Swim spas – perfect for your family all year long

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Swim spas may be the most versatile product we offer. Swim spas are great for swimmers, of course; they’re especially useful for people who distance swim for exercise or who want to train for longer swims, like triathlons. Let’s be honest – most of us can’t install an Olympic-sized pool in our backyards, and don’t live near large, open bodies of water. (Not to mention the safety concerns.) Swim spas are a great alternative.

They’re also perfect for more casual swimmers, and for people who want to use the resistance of the water and the support it offers to get in a good workout without stressing their joints. The grab rails, optional underwater treadmills, and flat floors offer the perfect environment for water exercise.

But you might be wondering if it’s something you can truly use all year long, especially if it’s installed outdoors. The answer is, “Yes!”

While some swim spas come with dedicated “swim” and “spa” sections, with independently controlled temperatures, most integrate the hydrotherapy seats into the swimming area. So in the colder months, of course, you’re going to want to turn up the temperature (in both sections if you have a larger model) for more comfortable swimming and relaxing. In the warmer months, adjust the temperature down to keep your workout, and your hydrotherapy, comfortable.

While swim spas are designed to help you exercise, stay fit, and enjoy the benefits of a water massage, they’re also great for family fun! In the summer they can be the perfect small pool for your family and friends. Again, you’ll enjoy a cooler temperature. On very hot days, you may even want to turn the heater off. An added bonus – the integrated seating can make the pool especially enjoyable for the older and younger members of your family.

Swim spas truly are multi-functional…adaptable to your needs and the seasons. If you want to learn more, stop by showroom.

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