Endless Pools Swim Spa Safety Tips for Young Swimmers

Endless Pools Swim Spa Safety Tips for Young Swimmers

With the ability to swim, play, and relax all in one, swim spas are great for the whole family! Kids and adults alike enjoy using an Endless Pools® Swim Spa to splash around for fun, swim with the controlled current, and soak in the warm waters. Like all backyard pools, you must take proper safety measures when children are in or near your swim spa. At Texas Hot Tub Company, we recommend these Endless Pools Swim Spa safety tips for young swimmers.

Swim Spa Safety Tip #1: Children Should Always Be Supervised 

The first swim spa safety tip is to never let children be in or near your swim spa without proper adult supervision. This may seem like a no-brainer swim spa safety tip. However, it can be easy to let your guard down over time. Additionally, children need to be fully aware that they are not to enter the swim spa without an adult present. 

Swim Spa Safety Tip #2: Infants Need Cooler Waters

For the littlest of swimmers, it is important to avoid hot water temperatures. Infants are unable to regulate body temperatures like older children. In addition, their skin is thin and fragile. For these reasons, the water temperature in your swim spa should be below 100 degrees Farhenheit for an infant to be in it. Protect your baby with this swim spa safety tip.

Swim Spa Safety Tip #3: Keep Swim Spa Chemicals Out of Reach

Swim spa chemicals are necessary to keep your pool clean, beautiful, and safe to use. However, they are highly concentrated and definitely not for kids to handle. At Texas Hot Tub Company, our swim spa tip is that you keep your swim spa chemicals out of reach and even locked up to prevent the little hands from getting to them.  

Swim Spa Safety Tip #4: Keep Your Swim Spa Secure When Not In Use

This is a swim spa safety tip for when you’re not using your Endless Pools Swim Spa. Protect young ones by keeping your swim spa secure. One way to do so is with an Endless Pools Swim Spa Cover. Between uses, cover your swim spa. This will not only keep little ones out, but it will also prevent debris from entering, help insulate and keep heat in, and give you priceless peace of mind. In addition, put a fence around your swim spa area to keep young children from entering.  

Swim Spa Safety Tip #5: No Jumping or Diving

Swim spas are smaller than the typical inground pool where kids are used to jumping and diving. Keep in mind that Endless Pools Swim Spas range in depth from only 50” to 58”. For swim spa safety, it is recommended to have no jumping or diving into your swim spa. Communicate this rule from the beginning so kids have a clear understanding. 

Swimming and relaxing in your Endless Pools Swim Spa is highly enjoyable! And it is all the more fun with the family. Make swim spa safety a priority with these safety tips. If you’d like to learn more about Endless Pools Swim Spas, contact our team at Texas Hot Tub Company today!


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