Shared Family Moments During the Holidays

The holidays tend to be busier than we really let on. Black Friday has spilled into Thanksgiving Day, with families bustling out the door together after that turkey dinner to split up and grab as many deals as possible. Rush hour traffic doubles as everyone continues Christmas shopping for the next several weeks. There are work parties, school parties, church parties and other social events to attend. There’s planning gatherings with his family and her family and her family twice removed.

And the reality is, it can be difficult in the hustle and bustle to find solitude for your own, immediate family to just be together. That’s what the holidays are supposed to be about though, so we’ve compiled a list of brief but memory-building moments you can share with those closest to you during this busy time of year.

Check out Christmas Lights

snow winter christmas lights

Whether it’s a full evening together driving all over town, or just taking turns randomly selecting neighborhoods to briefly drive around throughout the season, finding the best Christmas lights in town could easily become a family tradition.

Decorate the Tree Together

filmeditor will ferrell elf christmas movies christmas tree

It doesn’t matter if the tree is real or fake, if you put one up, make it a family affair. Forget the need for it to look perfect; let the kids hang ornaments too. You can even designate a pile that’s just for them to hang each year. Take it one step further and buy each kid a special ornament each year so when they move out of the house, they have enough to decorate their own tree.

Watch Holiday Movies

xmas 1989 christmas vacation

Find a special dessert or snack recipe that you determine to only make during the holidays and munch on it while you all just veg-out in front of the TV together to watch your favorite holiday movie. Make it a weekly affair during the holiday season so that you’re consistently coming together to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

We’re also fans of using your spa as a family. It’s a great time to connect with each other during this time of year that can feel so hectic. Really, you can make any favorite holiday activity something that becomes a special memory and family tradition. It really is about setting boundaries and prioritizing so that you’re spending time with the people that matter most and reflecting with gratitude for what you have.


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