Sisu and Hallmark Series

Sisu Series

Classic. That’s the best description of the Sisu Series by Finnleo. Featuring
grand Finnish styling, the most exclusive wood of the Nordic White
Spruce, and perhaps the best lighting and ventilation systems available, it
even emits a hint of the aromas that come from deep within the forests of
Finland. Clean. Well-designed. Beautifully crafted. The Sisu Series is
simply classic.

Hallmark Series

Easy care, gorgeous natural wood, a built-in sound system, and flexible
lighting options … these are just a few of the many luxuries of the
Hallmark by Finnleo. This sauna can be installed in less than 1 hour —
incredible! If you're looking for a sauna, but want to keep it easy and
breezy, the Hallmark Series by Finnleo is definitely for you. Set at an
attractive price point, the Hallmark Series makes it truly possible for most
anyone to own and enjoy a Finnleo sauna in their own home.

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