Saunas Promote Mind and Body Wellness

The Finns pioneered and have enjoyed saunas for at least two millennia. In recent centuries, their unique, Finnish brand of bath house has gained popularity all over the world for the many social, physical health, and mental health benefits that sauna use provides.

Social Benefits:

The sauna is the perfect setting for social interaction. For most of man’s time on this earth, families and communities made the time and took the time to SLOW DOWN and “smell the roses” as they say – REGULARLY – not only on designated holidays. Without the fast pace and many distractions present in contemporary times, folks of all cultures derived their joy from face-to-face social gatherings. Without radios and television, everyone would be responsible for contributing to the gathering – be it through verse, song, story, or just plain good conversation about current affairs.

The sauna catalyzes this kind of interaction. You and your party must go in and be confined together, naturally inducing conversation. The soothing heat and steam slow you down, draw you into the experience, and help you to let go of your worries outside the sauna and focus in on the shared experience inside – in the present.

Physical Health Benefits:

The physical health benefits of regular sauna use are numerous.

The heat relaxes tight, sore muscles and relieves joint pain. Your heart rate may increase similarly to how it would during cardiovascular exercise leading to improved circulation and oxygen delivery throughout your body. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise, sauna sessions will help promote weight loss.

The heat and steam draw toxins out of your body, promoting healthy skin, healthy kidney function, a healthy immune system, and overall detoxification.

Mental Health Benefits:

Certainly the social interaction aspect lends to mental health, but so does the opportunity for quiet and solitude in the sauna (though you should always let someone know if you are going in the sauna for a solo session).

The soothing heat, steam, and down time melts away the stress of work and the daily grind.

Regular sauna use can even reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia! Regular, increased oxygen and blood flow to the brain, improved sleep, and a general reduction in stress all lower one’s risk for these illnesses.

Sauna use is a fun, relaxing way to improve your overall health.

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