Prepare Thanksgiving dinner on your Grill Dome

Prepare Thanksgiving dinner on your Grill Dome

Thanksgiving is all about family traditions. But sometimes, you need to try something new. This year, consider making your Thanksgiving meal on your Grill Dome to experience new recipes and new flavors. Who knows? You might even create a new tradition!

Appetizers can help keep everyone happy until the main event.

Moink Ball appetizers are sure to be popular.

How about a Beer Can Chicken Thanksgiving? I mean, why not?

If you really want to step out of the box, how about Smoked Brisket?

Smoked Brisket Stuffed Bell Peppers make a unique side dish.

Try delicious Bourbon Bread Pudding for dessert …

With Pumpkin Cookies for the kids.

Feeling hungry yet? We are! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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