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Plan a hot tub date night they’ll never forget

“Perfect date night.” Those three little words can bring to mind many different ideas … and a lot of expectation. Fortunately, with a little planning an ingenuity you can create the perfect date night, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Just begin with your hot tub. 

It offer a great, romantic setting for building a date night that’ll be remembered for years. Just add some personal touches, and it will become unforgettable.


When planning the perfect hot tub date night, setting the mood is vitally important. Start with some music. Create a playlist. Want a fun, exotic evening? Make a playlist filled with island tunes. Hoping your evening is more romantic? Fill the playlist with all of the songs that mean something to you as a couple. Choosing the perfect music will help to ensure that your night goes as planned.


Lighting is another behind the scenes aspect of your date night that can make a huge difference in your evening. Tiki torches, candles and other decorative lighting features are great ways to change the atmosphere of your evening. Lighting alone is certainly not what makes the date night, but all of the little details will add up to an unforgettable night. And don’t forget about the LED lighting on your hot tub – take advantage of that feature to help set the mood.


Including good food and drink in your evening plans is a must. Think about your theme or the mood that you are trying to set. Then choose food and drinks that will compliment it. Decide if you will be eating before, after or even during your soak and choose your menu accordingly. If all else fails, you can never go wrong with simply serving all of your loved one’s favorites.


There are many things that you can do on your hot tub date night for entertainment. From hot tub movie nights to exciting games, the internet is full of ideas. But don’t overlook the simplicity of quiet conversation as you enjoy each other’s company. It might be good to plan for a couple of options then see where the night takes you.

The perfect date night isn’t about spending tons of money or packing as much into the evening as you can. The perfect date is about creating the ideal evening for YOUR special someone, knowing their preferences and making them happen. That’s what makes a night truly unforgettable.

Good luck!


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