Plan a Fun (and Safe!) Backyard Party for Kids

backyard party

There’s nothing more fun for your kids than an over-the-top party where all of their friends are invited. When you are in the mood for the ultimate in backyard fun, try your hand at these incredible party ideas. You can plan a fun (and safe!) backyard party that will transform your child into the cool kid on the block.

Don’t Burst Their Bubble

There’s no better party than a water party! Gather the neighborhood kids for the ultimate backyard balloon fight. Grab the quick-fill water balloons, bins to store them in, and your kids and their friends. Choose even teams and then let them at it! This hysterically fun time will be enjoyed by kids of all ages. To mix it up, the kids who catch a water balloon from the other team can even do double damage. If a full water balloon is caught and does not pop, the person who threw it is out. Narrow down the playing field until one person is left standing, or all of the water balloons are gone. Then the winning team gets to go swimming first.

Swim in the Sunshine

When kids are happy, they are going to want to keep playing. Continue your party with a dip in the water. When you want the premier spot for your kids to gather with their friends, look no further than an Endless Pools® swim spa. With plenty of space to splash and play, your gang will be in for an enormous afternoon of fun in the sun. And when the party is over, you’ll have the best spot to retreat and relax after the kids wind down for bed.

Whip up Some Fabulous Food

No backyard party is complete without fantastic food and all the fixins. And when you’ve got a group full of hungry kids who have been in the water all day, you’ll want to load up on tons of yummy treats. Whether it’s quick and easy hot dogs on the grill, or your favorite local pizza delivery followed by homemade ice cream, any food tastes better outside. Place picnic blankets around the yard for a sunny spot for kids to gather in groups and relax. It will make for easy clean-up and a great way for the kids to bond together. Plus, it will help kids dry out before they head home.

Whether you are celebrating a big birthday extravaganza, or simply gathering a few of the neighborhood children for an afternoon of fun, Coleman Backyards has everything you need to make it a party to remember. Coleman Bright Ideas for Your Home is an award-winning company and 11-time winner of the prestigious Consumers’ Choice Award for Business Excellence. You’ve been driving by us for years, it’s time you stopped in! Come see what real backyard entertainment and leisure is all about. We’ll get you all set up for the backyard party that your kids will remember for a lifetime. You might even win your own award this year coolest mom and dad on the planet.


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