In the Mood to Save? New Vs. Used Hot Tub

Would you buy a used hot tub? Should you buy a used hot tub? Are you in the mood to save?

Would you buy a used car? Should you buy a used car? Are you in the mood to save?

Whether it’s a used hot tub or a used car, the circumstances are similar. Let’s take a look.

Why (or why not) Buy a Used Hot Tub

If you buy new, you can get all the bells, whistles, and warranties. And, a new hot tub is, well, brand-spanking-new.

If you choose to buy used, as the car-buying saying goes, “You may be buying someone else’s problems.” Of course, that doesn’t mean that you will have problems. A lot depends upon how old the hot tub is, how many miles have been put on it, and how well it had been taken care of by the previous owner.

The big reason for buying a used spa? You should be able to save money.

Where to Buy a Used Hot Tub

Where would you go to buy a used car? Typically, you’ve got three options, a new car dealer, a used car dealer, or a private sale. You’d have a hard time finding a used hot tub dealer (other than online), so let’s just compare buying from a private seller and a dealer.

The advantage of purchasing from a private seller is that it is available now. Obvious disadvantages include:

  • cash on the barrelhead
  • no delivery or installation
  • no recourse in the event of problems

Keep in mind that there are two kinds of private sellers – people you don’t know and friends you may potentially lose if the deal goes sideways.

Although a dealer may not have any used spas in inventory, when they do, those hot tubs have typically gone through quality testing and often have limited warranties, delivery, and professional installation. Not to mention the expertise to answer all of your questions.

Tips for Buying a Used Hot Tub (or New)

Many of these apply for either new or used. Nonetheless, let these be your guide.

  • Take a test drive.
  • Inspect for interior and exterior damage.
  • Make sure all the bells ring and that the whistles whistle.
  • Don’t buy an off-brand or a brand that is no longer in business.
  • Understand the warranty.
  • Check into available service plans.

Ultimately, used or new is up to you. Our job at Coleman Backyards is to help you arrive at a decision that will make you happy for years to come.


The 2019 Limelight Collection Owner’s Manual will help you understand your spa’s features, and answer questions you might have regarding spa operation, water care, and maintenance. There is also a troubleshooting section included for your convenience.  

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