Looking for a Way to Connect with Your Kids? A Hot Tub May Be Your Answer

Wave goodbye to the lazy days of summer. The kids are back in school, routines are in full force, and homework and extracurriculars can dominate the evenings. You’ve loved being with your kids the past few months. Is there a way to keep connected throughout the school year? A hot tub may be your answer!

As autumn breezes blow and the evenings begin to cool, there’s no better way to connect with your kids than in a quality spa from Coleman Backyards. A hot tub is an exclusive location for relaxation, fun, games, and amazing conversations with a captive audience.

Here are a few ways to connect with your kids this school year.

Build Relationships, Win Hearts

You know what your kids really want? It’s you. Your undivided attention. Your listening ears. Fun with their parents. And, at times, your advice, as they grow older and learn to navigate life. Here are some ways to maximize your hot tub time together.

Play: With endless ways to enjoy your hot tub, you can have more fun than you ever imagined with your kids. Hot Spring’s optional CoolZone™ technology also turns your hot tub into a cool tub — making your hot tub usable on even the warmest Texas day. Try out these fun games in your hot tub! Or, buy some waterproof games and a floating game table for the best in family fun.



Listen: There is nothing that a child loves more than time with his parents. All day long, children are bombarded with voices that speak into their life. Sometimes they need to discharge. Allow them a safe sounding board for everything that is on their hearts. In the warmth of your spa worries fade, stress disappears, and the conversation will flow like water. Soon, you’ll have a relationship with your kids that you only dreamed of.

Talk: You have years of life experience and wisdom. Share it. When you have done the hard work of listening, you will have earned yourself a spot to speak confidently. Building and directing children is not for the faint of heart. Prepare now for everything that you want to teach your kids before they leave your home.

There’s No Better Time

You have an incredible opportunity to influence your kids in the best way possible. And there’s no better time to start than today. With a hot tub from Coleman, you can earn the best experiences with your kids. Make memories together in your very own Hot Spring® or Freeflow® spa. With a solid foundation for relationships that will last a lifetime, you and your children will remember these times forever. With three convenient locations in Plano, Ft. Worth, and Grapevine, there’s a Colman location holding the perfect hot tub for you. We’ll fit you to the hot tub that meets all your needs. Get ready for the most exciting, relational experience of your life! It’s truly the best investment you could ever make.


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