What Kinds of Jets do Hot Spring Spas Offer?

What Kinds of Jets do Hot Spring Spas Offer?

Having numerous jets in your hot tub is part of what makes the experience so enjoyable and relaxing for your whole body. However, maximum hot tub enjoyment is not just about the number of jets. Equally as important is the type of jets your hot tub uses. This is why Hot Spring® Spas offers a wide variety of excellent jet types. What kinds of jets do Hot Spring Spas offer? Keep reading to learn about the various types.

Jets for Your Neck with Hot Spring Spas   

The neck and shoulder area is one of the first and most common spots the body carries stress and tension. With the help of Hot Spring Spas’ Quartet Jet® System, you can eliminate that muscle tenseness. The Quartet Jet System includes four powerful jets placed in a row to target your neck and upper shoulders for maximum enjoyment and relaxation. 

Jets for Your Back with Hot Spring Spas   

Back pain affects nearly everyone and can be the result of an old injury, intense training, the normal effects of aging, or simply the result of a long day. Regardless of the reason, stepping into the warm waters coupled with the powerful jets of your Hot Spring Spa can soothe and even alleviate soreness and chronic back pain. Hot Spring Spas offers three jet systems for targeting your back. 

First, the SoothingStream® Jet System is designed to target the upper back and shoulders using 12 pulsating ports. Next, the Rotary Hydromassage® Jet works on and around the spine using a swirling stream. Finally, the HydroStream® Jets target the lower back with a powerful steady stream of water. Get full back coverage with these Hot Spring Spas jet systems. 

Jets for Your Wrists with Hot Spring Spas   

As a pressure point on your body, massaging and relaxing the muscles in your wrists can relax and calm you. This is why Hot Spring Spas has jets for targeting the pressure points on your wrists. These Rotary Precision® Jets are the jets you didn’t know you needed but will absolutely love having and using.

Jets for Your Legs and Feet with Hot Spring Spas   

When your feet are aching, the rest of your body suffers as well. This is why having excellent massage jets for your feet and legs is so important. Hot Spring Spas offers two massage jets for this region of the body. First, the JetStream® Jets target the feet as well as the lower back and is the most powerful jet in the Hot Spring Collection. Get intensity and relief with these jets! Next, the Directional Precision® Jet targets your feet and calves using direct flow on the needed spots.

Hot Spring Spas offers some of the industry’s most powerful and most effective jets. This means you can enjoy comfort and relaxation from head to toe with each soak. To learn more about Hot Spring Spas and their exceptional jet system, contact your local hot tub experts at Texas Hot Tub Company. Order your Hot Spring Spa today and start enjoying your full body jet system in no time. Give us a call today!


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