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Keep the kids entertained in the hot tub

Kids love hot tubs just as much as their parents. It’s a great place for families to spend time together. Problem is, most kids sit in the hot tub for about 2 minutes and then they start bouncing around, wanting to play.

That’s not a great idea in a hot tub, though. After all, it isn’t a pool. There isn’t the same amount of space, and having hot water constantly splashed in your face isn’t anyone’s idea of family fun. So, we’ve put together a few hot tub-friendly games that families can play together so everyone enjoys their time in the spa.

No-prep games

There are several no-prep games you can enjoy in your hot tub. For example Name that Tune or 20 Questions. You could also try a game like Pass on the Song. For this game, one person starts a song by singing the first line. The person next to them sings the next line and the play continues like this until someone is unable to come up with the next line. These easy games are a great option for families because they require no additional accessories. They also don’t require additional movements, so parents can still enjoy a relaxing soak while keeping the kids entertained. It is a win-win.

Low-prep games

With a little advanced preparation you can open up a whole new world of hot tub entertainment. For starters, you can keep a couple of rubber duckies or boats near your hot tub to pull out when you need some entertainment. Classic races are fun, but you can also play games like Duck Tag. For Duck Tag, put the rubber ducks in the hot tub with the jets on, and the players have to avoid being tagged by a duck. This game could get a little rowdy, so consider yourself warned.

For tamer options, you can pick up a floating tray and some waterproof playing cards. This brings all of your favorite card games into the hot tub. You can even find games like UNO in a waterproof version. Once you have purchased the needed materials for these games they all become essentially no-prep, too, giving you a wide variety of ways to entertain your kids in the hot tub.

With a these games and a little forethought, your whole family can enjoy the hot tub together. Stop by the showroom and see our hot tub accessories. They just might get you thinking of even more ideas!


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