Keep Blowing Your New Year’s Resolutions? A Hot Tub May be Your Answer!



Each year millions of Americans evaluate the year they’ve lived through and make resolutions for the coming New Year. Maybe you want to connect more deeply with the ones you love. Or maybe, some fitness and weight loss goals after all of the holiday food top the list. Whatever resolutions you have for this year, a hot tub just might be your answer.

Ways a Hot Tub Can Help Your Resolutions

How can a hot tub be an all-in-one package to meet your New Year’s resolutions? We are so glad you asked! Hot tubs are incredible for health and wellness: physically, mentally, emotionally, and relationally. Here are a few ways that a hot tub is everything you’ve been looking for.


Hot tubs are fantastic assets in your quest for health and wellness. The hot water raises your body temperature in the same way that a good workout would. Increased circulation brings important oxygen and nutrients to your entire body. Add in aquatic weights and stretching and you’ve got your own personal gym. In the warm water, inflammation and pain decrease—allowing you to feel your best. And the sleep support you get after a stint in your hot tub makes going to bed and sleeping well one of the joys of each day.


If mental stress has weighed you down this year, a new year and a new hot tub are just what you need to get back to a healthy state of mind. The soothing comfort of warm water hydrotherapy brings peace to your soul and mind. The increased heart rate and circulation send oxygen and nutrients to your brain, adding clarity and improved cognitive function. You’ll feel anxiety and depression decrease. A natural boost in mood and energy can last for several days after hot tubbing.

Emotionally and Relationally

As social beings, our emotional and relational health are also intertwined with our physical and mental health. Connect with the ones you love the most. Hot tub time is the perfect time to establish emotional and relational wellness with your spouse and your children. Dedicated hot tub time each week can lead you to the deepest, most meaningful connections with your spouse, children or grandchildren that you ever could have hoped for. As the warm water whisks away the cares of the world, converse about your day, talk about your dreams, and listen as others share. What a wonderful life it will be.

If taking care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and relationally all hit your New Year’s list, come see us at Coleman Backyards. With loads of models from Hot Spring® and Freeflow®, we have just the hot tub you need for your own backyard paradise. And with financing available, your resolutions can start becoming reality sooner than you ever thought. This year, crush your New Year’s resolutions and bring health to your whole family!


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