Is there a Right Way to Add Chemicals to Your Swim Spa?

Is there a Right Way to Add Chemicals to Your Swim Spa?

You’ve purchased your new swim spa and all the accessories that your heart desires. Now it’s time to think about the steps to keeping your swim spa clean and refreshing. But is there a right way to add chemicals to your swim spa? At Texas Hot Tub Company, we strive to make our customers happy with the products they have invested in for their families. Here are our tips for the best swim spa maintenance.

The Products You Need for Your Endless Pools®

Maintenance can often sound like a chore. Rest assured, with our help and a proper water care routine, keeping your swim spa clean and clear doesn’t have to be complicated. Chemicals are necessary for good swim spa maintenance habits. Let’s check in on the chemicals needed for your swim spa and what they are used for. 

  • Filter Cleaner: Removes dirt and debris from your swim spa’s filter. 
  • pH Decreaser: Lowers pH in your swim spa, makes chlorine more functional, and lowers alkalinity 
  • pH Increaser: Raises pH and alkalinity levels
  • Sanitizer: Your choice of sanitizer removes bacteria and contaminants from the water 
  • Oxidizer: Removes organic matter and oil from the swim spa to permit chlorine to work more effectively (also known as shock).

A swim spa expert at any of our five locations can help you choose the right chemicals that can make all the difference in your swim spa care routine. They can also discuss with you the proper application of each product, so that you know the right way to add your chemicals to your swim spa.

The Right Way to Add Chemicals to Your Endless Pools Swim Spa

Knowing when to add specific chemicals is a crucial step in how to care for your Endless Pools® swim spa. Always apply your swim spa chemicals according to your manufacturer specifications and chemical packaging directions. Most chemicals can be applied directly into your swim spa water, circulating throughout the system to distribute evenly.

Before getting into your spa, check the pH and chlorine levels. The pH in your spa should be 7.4- 7.6, and the chlorine levels should be between 2-4 ppm. If the water in your swim spa looks cloudy or dirty, you should not get in. If the chlorine levels are above 5 ppm, leave the cover off and wait until the levels have evaporated to ensure safe use.

Post soak, it is essential to understand that the more guests accompanying the spa and the time frame spent in the spa can affect the chlorine levels. After every soak, test the pH and chlorine levels and adjust as needed. It is recommended to test and adjust pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels three times every week. Once a month, your filter should be removed and cleaned with your filter cleaner, then placed back into the spa before subsequent use. Emptying the water in your swim spa and replacing your filter is necessary every four months. These steps will create a safe and clean swim spa that will maximize enjoyment. A calendar to document each cleaning can help you organize and keep track. 

Water Care Tips for Your Endless Pools Swim Spa

It does not take much to alter the chemical levels in your spa. Keep in mind these helpful tips for maintaining chemical levels and cleanliness.

  • Avoid lotions, creams, and body oils.
  • Always keep your swim spa covered while not using it to avoid weather and debris.
  • Ensure all swimsuits are clean and rinsed free from detergent. 
  • Keep chemicals stocked and on hand.

At Texas Hot Tub Company, we always have chemicals in stock. Stop by any of our convenient locations to purchase all the chemicals you need for your swim spa.

Chemical maintenance for your swim spa ensures a safe, fun, and clean experience while soaking and swimming. Good care also helps prevent unwanted damage to your spa. If you have any questions or concerns about maintaining your swim spa or purchasing chemicals, stop by one of our locations or call us; we would be honored to help. 


The 2019 Limelight Collection Owner’s Manual will help you understand your spa’s features, and answer questions you might have regarding spa operation, water care, and maintenance. There is also a troubleshooting section included for your convenience.  

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