Is It Safe to Put My Head Underwater in a Hot Tub?

Is It Safe to Put My Head Underwater in a Hot Tub?

A swimming pool and a hot tub have many similarities. In both, you wear a swimsuit, your body is submerged in water, and you’re having fun, to name a few. In addition, a pool and hot tub are often located right next to each other and even used in succession. But, while these two water features share many similarities, not everything in function or practice is the same. At Texas Hot Tub Company, this is a question we get asked from time to time: Is it safe to put my head underwater in a hot tub? For good reason, the answer is no. Let us explain the reasons for this safety precaution.

Remember a Hot Tub’s Purpose

It’s important to remember the purpose of a hot tub is different from a swimming pool. A swimming pool is geared towards swimming and water play where going underwater is a safe endeavor. On the other hand, hot tubs are primarily intended for relaxation, socialization, recovery, and hydrotherapy benefits. Submerging your head underwater does not enhance or aid in any of these purposes. 

A Hot Tub Has Very High Temperatures

It’s in the name: Hot tubs are… hot! In fact, the average hot tub temperature is over 100 degrees, typically anywhere from 102॰ to 104॰. This high heat has a number of healing and relaxing properties, making hydrotherapy possible. But it can provide some dangers if not used properly.

Submerging your head, and brain, to water with high temperatures is not safe. Overheating your brain can result in trouble thinking clearly, being disoriented, short-term memory loss, and more. In addition, in more severe cases, overheating your brain can result in brain damage or a trip to the ER. Avoid this by keeping your head above water. 

Dangers with Filters and Jets

Just like high water temperatures, the jets in a hot tub have excellent benefits but must be used as intended. Submerging your head underwater can pose the risk of entrapment in the jets or filters. This is especially true of those with long hair. Avoid this danger by keeping your noggin above the surface of your hot tub. 

Avoid Bacteria By Not Submerging

You work very hard to keep your hot tub water balanced and clean of bacteria. But even so, it is still possible for some bacteria to be present, especially when there are multiple users in the hot tub with you. If you put your head underwater, you expose your mouth, nose, and eyes to these bacteria, and this can potentially lead to unwanted infection or illness. This is the same reason why you do not soak in a hot tub with an unhealed wound. 

Using a hot tub is enjoyable and relaxing and has loads of amazing benefits. But, at the same time, your hot tub should be used responsibly and safely. At Texas Hot Tub Company, safety is a priority. We would be happy to help answer any of your questions about hot tub safety and precautions. Stop by one of our five locations to learn more and see our full line of hot tubs.


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