Improve Your Mental Health with a Sauna

Improve your mental health with a sauna, like this woman laying down with her eyes closed and head on a towel.

Over the past year, many of us have struggled with anxiety because of the pandemic and depression from social isolation. With shorter days and longer nights, plus slightly colder weather, mental health is a struggle for many during the winter even without the current world circumstances. This year, take care of yourself and improve your mental health with a sauna. 

Increase your happiness.

If you feel down or have diagnosed depression, spending time in a sauna can help. Many studies have found that spending time at least four times a week in a sauna can improve your mood and reduce the effects of depression. This is because sauna use increases the levels of endorphins in your body, which naturally make you feel happier. 

These aren’t temporary effects, either. One study found that spending time in a sauna can improve your mood for up to six weeks! That’s about long enough to get you through the rest of winter. 

Reduce anxiety and stress.

Like reducing the effects of depression, studies have also shown that regular sauna use can reduce anxiety and stress. Several of these studies concluded that regular use of a sauna lowers the amount of cortisol — the main hormone related to stress — in your body.

Additionally, a study in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice shows that sauna use reduces stress-related effects in your body. These effects include “confusion, fatigue, vigor, anxiety, dejection, depression, hostility and anger”.

Boost your brain power.

Using a sauna regularly helps increase the amount of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) in your body. BDNF is a protein in your brain that helps generate new brain cells and strengthen existing brain cells. By doing this, BDNF also helps lower your risk of mental disorders such as anxiety and depression and can also help improve your mood. 

Get a better night’s sleep.

Anxiety, stress, caffeine, and spending all day online, staring at a screen, can make it hard to fall asleep at night. Instead of reaching for some melatonin, spend some time in a sauna before you go to sleep. The heat from the sauna will help relax your muscles and release any pain or tightness from the day. Then, when you get out of the sauna, your body will start to cool down. This cooling down process will help your brain and body relax even more, getting you ready for a better night’s sleep. 

Getting a better night’s sleep naturally with sauna use will help improve your mental health. You’ll be nice and rested for the next day, which means less stress and less caffeine.

Let Texas Hot Tub Company help you.

At Texas Hot Tub Company, customers are our number one priority. We care about you and want to help you improve your mental health with a sauna. Our Finnleo® saunas are custom-cut so they can fit anywhere in your home — even a linen closet! Choose from a traditional or infrared sauna depending on your needs. Both will help improve your mental health.

Visit your local Texas Hot Tub Company showroom or give us a call at 817-952-5984 to get started on your journey to wellness. We’ll help fit you with the perfect sauna for you and your home.


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