How to Use a Hot Tub for Your Workout

Have you wanted to switch up your workout routine? The same old thing all of the time can get boring. Guarantee it will never be boring again with an incredible hot tub. Using a hot tub for your workout will help bring some fun to your workout routine, along with a myriad of health benefits. Get started by learning how to use a hot tub for your workout. 

Warm Up in the Hot Tub

Start your workout by warming up in the hot tub. The warm water will help loosen your muscles and get them ready for an even safer workout. Of course, you should also stretch before working out, and you can do that in your hot tub as well!

Before you start warming up your muscles, you can warm up your hot tub with Jacuzzi’s® SmartTub™ system. Change your water’s temperature, turn on the lighting, and get the jets going from your phone! This way your hot tub will be ready to go as soon as you’re ready to start your workout. 

Work Out in the Water

You have a couple of options when it comes to using your hot tub. First, you could just warm up before and cool down after your workout in your hot tub. Even better, though, you can use your hot tub for your entire workout!

Hot tubs are a great place for your workout. They’re especially great for individuals with conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia, and for individuals recovering from injuries. The heat of the water keeps your blood circulating better and your muscles relaxed. In addition, the water’s buoyancy makes your limbs feel lighter and the workout easier on your body, creating a low-impact workout option. Get your heart rate up with water aerobics or use some water weights for strength training exercises — the world is yours.

Wash the Soreness Away

When you’re done with your workout, is there any better feeling than relaxing in some nice, hot water? What if you add the soothing feel of sensational jets? The Jacuzzi brand is known for luxury, and that is exactly what you’ll be experiencing after your workout. 

With lounge seating and customizable jets, you will be able to soothe your muscles right away and reduce post-workout soreness. The New York Times has reported that heat is better than cold after a workout, so you know you’ll be taking care of your body in your hot tub. Relaxing in the hot tub will also help you bring your heart rate down, getting you ready to sleep or move on to the next part of your day.

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