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How to Tell When Your Hot Tub Is Overdue for Maintenance

Stunning. Elegant. Dazzling. When you’re buying a new vehicle, it’s the quality and beauty that usually catch your eye first. The sleek lines, that pristine paint job … and oh, oh, oh, those luxurious seats. When you make your investment, you know in advance that you’re also are committing to the routine maintenance that will keep your vehicle looking and running like new for as long as you own it.

That same heart for maintaining your investments also applies to your new hot tub. Just like your perfect vehicle, your perfect hot tub enhances your life in ways you never could have imagined. To help it do that, you follow the recommended maintenance schedule.

But sometimes, for one reason or another, water issues arise because your maintenance schedule slipped. Here’s what to do:

Water Maintenance Issues

1) Stinky water. Trust your nose. One of the first signs that a hot tub that needs maintenance is water that just doesn’t smell quite right. Funky water odor can signal bacteria in the water. A musty smell can be a sign that there’s not enough sanitizer. And water that smells strongly of chemicals? Well … there’s probably way too many chemicals, especially sanitizer, in that spa water.

2) Cloudy water. Cloudy water can indicate problems with not only your water, but also your filter. How can you resolve it? Rinse the filter(s) with clean water or soak them overnight in a filter-cleaning solution. This will help ensure that the other water care steps we recommend can perform to their fullest extent.

3) Foamy water.  Body oils, lotions, perfumes, soap and detergent can also make their way into your tub when you slip in. Although clean and sweet smelling outside of the spa, these extras can make a foamy situation inside the spa. You can help prevent that foam by showering before you use your spa, and only rinsing your bathing suit in clean water instead of washing it in detergent. To eliminate foam first try a de-foamer. If that doesn’t solve the issue you may end up needing to empty your spa, wipe it down, and refill with clean water.

4) Green water. Are you seeing green, but not because of envy? Ick. It’s that dreaded algae. Algae loves spa water that has a low pH or not enough sanitizer in it. Although an easy solution, it does not make for a pretty sight upon first discovery. Let us help!

Don’t let your beautiful investment go down the drain. Coleman Bright Ideas for Your Home has a solution for any smelly, foamy, cloudy or green water problem you might have. In fact, hot tubs and their water solutions are our specialty! If you have any water quality issue, just bring us a water sample. Our 3 showrooms are conveniently located throughout the DFW metroplex in south Fort Worth, Grapevine and Plano. With our computerized water analysis, we can prescribe the perfect resolution to any water problem you might have. Coleman Bright Ideas has been the exclusive dealer for Hot Spring® Portable Hot Tub Spas for 37 years and is a Platinum dealer for BioGuard Pool & Spa water products, which we’ve carried for over 30 years. Unlike those big box stores, we have perfected the art of water maintenance. We’ll help you get your beautiful investment sparkling and clean in no time.

Want the beautiful relaxation of a hot tub without the maintenance? Let our weekly Valet Maintenance Team take care of all of your routine spa maintenance needs. Our expertly trained service staff is unmatched in customer care and reliability. You’ll love the quality and ease of service, and the fact that your hot tub will always be gorgeously clean, warm and waiting for you!


The 2019 Limelight Collection Owner’s Manual will help you understand your spa’s features, and answer questions you might have regarding spa operation, water care, and maintenance. There is also a troubleshooting section included for your convenience.  

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