How to Pick the Right Sauna Size for Your Home

How to Pick the Right Sauna Size for Your Home

Making the choice to add a Finnleo® sauna to your home is one you won’t regret. No need to schedule spa days anymore! With a sauna right in your home, you can take advantage of the many sauna benefits on a daily basis. These benefits include improved skin health, sleep habits, heart health, and so many more! At Texas Hot Tub Company, we can help you find the Finnleo sauna that meets your needs and fits your space. Before making your choice, consider how to pick the right sauna size for your home.

Number of Users Effects Sauna Size

The first step in picking the right Finnleo sauna for your house is to consider how many people will typically use it. Not just how many users in total but also how many at a single time. The number of people in the sauna at a time affects how many seats you’ll need. Typically, saunas include an upper and lower bench that vary in length. 

Location in Your Home Effects Sauna Size

Where do you plan to install your Finnleo sauna? The location and available space will help determine the right size. Finnleo infrared and traditional saunas come in a variety of pre-cut shapes and sizes to fit in your space. However, if you don’t see a shape or size that meets your desires, it’s not a problem! At Texas Hot Tub Company, we can custom cut a Finnleo sauna to create just what you’re looking for. 

If space is tight, Finnleo saunas can be tucked away in small spaces. Some locations you may not have thought of include under a stairway, replacing a rarely used bathtub, or converting a closet. Keep in mind, that the minimum height requirement for a Finnleo sauna is 77 inches tall though most saunas are around 84 inches in height. Check out this video of some amazing and creative Finneleo sauna installations for ideas.

Personal Preference Effects on Your Finnleo Sauna

At the end of the day, the right sauna size for your home is the one that you most love. Do you prefer layered benches or a singular wrap-around bench? Or, do you like a corner sauna or one that is more traditional in shape? Will you prefer to sit upright or lounge while in your Finnleo sauna? The answer to all of these can affect sauna size. To sort through all the options for a Finnleo sauna, sit down with our experts. Together, we can create the ideal sauna for you and your space. 

Having a sauna in your home is a luxurious escape from the normal routines of life. Step into your Finnleo sauna to unwind, spend quality time with your loved ones, and receive the many health benefits. If you feel your indoor space doesn’t allow for the sauna size you’d like, Finnleo also carries outdoor sauna options. If you’d like to schedule a time to design your custom sauna or discuss more about sauna size, give us a call today


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