How To Identify A Quality Hot Tub

We have all been there, you spend a small fortune on a product that promises to be great, only to find that the product is far less than what you hoped for. The leftover frustration and anxiety from the poor purchase can leave you a little hesitant to drop your hard earned cash on a product without KNOWING that it’s a quality hot tub.

We get it a hot tub is a big purchase. It is your gateway to relaxed healthy living. You don’t want to stress about your purchase you just want to enjoy it. We put together this helpful guide so you can be sure that you know the hallmarks of a quality hot tub. When you know what to look for your hot tub purchase will be a breeze.

Look for a Name Brand, Quality Hot Tub

We aren’t just saying this because we want you to spend more on a name, or because we happen to love Jacuzzi® hot tubs. No, there really is something behind the name. Companies like Jacuzzi became well known because of the quality of their products. A company that produces low-quality tubs that are constantly in need of repairs aren’t going to be well-known brands. If their products aren’t quality, a quick search of their product name will easily expose their poor product. Stick with what you know and you will be glad you did.

A Quality Hot Tub Pays Attention To Detail

Paying close attention to detail will be the number one way that you can tell for yourself if a hot tub is high quality or not. That means that you actually have to see and feel the hot tub for yourself. Go to a showroom and check out the tub before you buy it. Look for these things:


See for yourself how much insulation is in the hot tub and if it is high-quality insulation. Many of the cheaper hot tubs will skimp on insulation. Keep in mind that you are in the market for a HOT tub. Insulation is a key factor in making sure that your tub stays hot. Good insulation also means that your hot tub components aren’t having to work overtime to keep things hot.


Inspect the jets. Move them around. Do they feel cheap and flimsy? Are they hard to adjust? See what kind of jets there are. Are they all the same? Are the jets varied depending on where they are located? There is far more to a quality hot tub than just the number of jets, so make sure that you take a thorough look at the tub’s jets. It is another good indicator of quality.


Specifically ask about the pump, heater and other components. You are looking for components that are eco-friendly and low maintenance. A pump with lots of horsepower might sound good, but when put into use, it is really just costing you unnecessary amounts of money. Find out about the warranties. Ask how long the parts usually last. Listen carefully to the answers and read between the lines. If the salesman in hem-hawing with his answers, you probably don’t want to buy.

Try It Before You Buy It

A sure-fire way to know that you are getting a quality hot tub is to try it before you buy it. Many stores will offer test soaks to their serious buyers. If a test soak isn’t an option, the store should have a few of their tubs fully set up and running in their showroom. This allows you to see the components at work and feel the power and water flow for yourself. Stores that keep their hot tubs empty are probably doing so for a reason. Either they are extremely loud or they are hard to maintain. Whichever the case, it points to a low-quality tub, that you won’t want in your home.

Ask Around for Quality Hot Tub Recommendations

After you have done your own research, there is one thing left to do to make sure you are getting a quality hot tub, ask around. Talk to people who have owned the brand that you are interested in for a while. Find out what kind of problems they have had. Ask them about maintenance and cleaning. Their personal experience will give you a good idea of the quality level you will be getting.

Now that you know what to look for, you are ready to start shopping. We would love for you to start at Texas Hot Tub Company in the DFW area. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff would be happy to show you all of the things that make Jacuzzi hot tubs a high-quality hot tub that will bring you enjoyment for years to come.


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