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How To Find Your Perfect Hot Tub Temperature for Summer

your perfect hot tub temperature for summer

Does the idea of using your hot tub in the summer not come to mind naturally? Contrary to what you might believe, it can be a very pleasant experience. But how to find your perfect hot tub temperature for summer? For sure, 102° F doesn’t sound particularly appealing for a soak at high noon.

However, it turns out that you can use your hot tub to cool off in our hot Texas summers. It is as simple as lowering the temperature of the water to a level that is refreshing or using your hot tub in the early morning or evening. There are many ways to continue to enjoy all the benefits of your hot tub even though our summer weather may not seem to lend itself to the process.

Chill Out This Summer With CoolZone™ Technology

Cool Zone™ from HotSpring® is a temperature control technology that enables you to lower the temperature in your hot tub all the way down to 60° F. It is perfect for hot tub owners who live in warmer climates, such as Texas.

It is also a great option to use as a place for older kids to enjoy adult-supervised play. In addition, many athletes swear that soaking sore or tired muscles in cool water provides relief from pain and inflammation. Cool things down in the morning, and warm the water back up again for your evening soak. Find the perfect hot tub temperature with CoolZone.

Use Your Hot Tub in the Morning for a Great Start to the Day

When you lower the temperature of your hot tub (manually or by using CoolZone technology), you can enjoy a refreshing morning soak to start your day off right. Many people find that 95° is the perfect hot tub temperature for a morning soak. A morning hot tub soak is said to be incredibly energizing and gives the bather better focus during the day.

The Perfect Hot Tub Temperature for Summer Evenings

You can lower your hot tub temperature to 85° F or simply turn it off for the perfect temperature for warm summer evenings. There is nothing as enjoyable as sitting in a hot tub under the stars. It’s as good as stargazing around a campfire, and even more fun when shared with a friend. What a pleasure to unwind in cool water after a hot sticky day.

Enjoy Your Hot Tub this Summer for Entertaining Friends and Family

Summer is the perfect time to have friends over for a barbecue or an evening or afternoon catch-up. Lower the temperature of your hot tub to just under normal body temperature, less than 98.6° F, and your guests are sure to find the water temperature perfect for a refreshing dip. Use your spa’s LED lights in the evening to create ambiance along with your favorite tunes. Your only problem will be getting the guests out of the pool when it’s time for the evening to end.

How To Maintain Your Perfect Hot Tub Temperature

Maintaining the perfect hot tub temperature in summer is as simple as using your cover. Because today’s hot tubs are so well-insulated, they maintain the water temperature very effectively. Water heats much more slowly than the outside air, so when you use the cover you are protecting it from absorbing direct heat from the sun or reflected surfaces. 

How to find your perfect hot tub temperature for the summer? As you see, it is pretty simple. Turning the thermostat down to a level just short of normal body temperature is going to feel cool to anyone taking a dip. With the addition of CoolZone technology, the process of cooling and warming your hot tub becomes even easier.

Texas Hot Tub Company is proud to carry a number of high-quality hot tub brands including HotSpring, Jacuzzi®, Freeflow®, and more. Come by any of our 5 DFW locations and talk to our hot tub professionals about ways to cool down your hot tub this summer.


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